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Hi all,   Well, started spotting Sunday night.  Went in for an u/s on Monday and it showed that I just have an empty sac that is measuring a week behind :-(  My HCG levels are pretty low too:  1,591.3.   Looks like a miscarriage.  Bleeding has picked up but still isn't that significant.  I will repeat the beta tomorrow and have another u/s in a week.  Ah well,.....   Wishing everyone a wonderful december birth.
Finally got my first appointment scheduled!  I'll be 7w3d.  Seems like a long ways away,....
Does anyone have a recommendation for a good protein powder?
Ditto what everyone else has said.  No matter who you choose to go with,... this person should be doing lots and lots of births that are just like the one that you want to have.  It is always much harder to go against the grain.  
Just have to say,... I deliver babies everyday too and this "big headed" thing doesn't hold up for me.  Just my 2 cents though 
I'll be 38 in June.  We will be getting the nucal translucency u/s at 12 wks and the blood work that goes with it.  I've had it with every pregnancy.  I'm feeling really tired but that might just be chasing after 2 active little boys :-)
Um,... big headed babies?!  That has got to be the silliest thing I have heard.
How many weeks will you be when you have your first appointment with your doctor or midwife?  I haven't even made an appointment yet!
Is there anyone not having symptoms?  I'm only 4w5d but I'm having no symptoms - no breast tenderness, no nausea, no bloating.  Its kind of hard to believe that I am pregnant.  Took another test and it is definately positive!
I take the Rainbow Light Once a Day Prenatal and Nordic Naturals DHA Pregnant Formula.  Took the same combination for my last pregnancy too.
New Posts  All Forums: