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Here are my first impressions:   I like it!  A few years ago it would have been too much structure, but I think that it fits the bill for where we are right now.  Previously, my dd would read a lot and we would discuss the book later.  Occassionally, I would ask her to write a review or a book report.  Lately though, it doesn't feel like it is enough.  I also think that she quickly reads through the book without trying to dive into it at all.  She isn't reading...
#10:  Finished the Divergent Trilogy with "Allegiant."     SPOILER ALERT:      While this series wasn't top notch for me, I did like the third book.  I can't say the same for other dystopian trilogies.  This book was my favorite of the series.  The ending surprised me though-- not too many YA writers are willing to sacrifice such a prominent character.     1. Fangirl 2.  Kizzy Ann Stamps 3.  Liesel & Po 4.  Tell the Wolves I'm Home 5.  Paper Boy 6....
Great idea!  My husband and I like to watch The Cobert Report.  I think I will try that.   Amy
Yes.  We all fart in front of each other here.  That is not to say that we never hold back; there is a time/place for everything after all.  However, in our own home when we are just relaxing, we have all been known to let them go.     Amy   ETA:  my dh's family used to have a joke about "barking spiders" being farts.  Dh continues that by occassionally blaming a barking spider for a fart. 
Thank you!   The reason I wanted it geared to teens is simply because I hope that it will spark an interest in something beyond celebrity news for my daughter.  She reads very well, always has, but isn't inclined to pick up the typical news magazines.  I was thinking that a product designed (rather marketed) for teens might give her a taste of something that she would want to read more about.  I was also hoping that some of the articles would give more background...
We were in between a Blendtec and a Vitamix.  We went with the Vitamix.  We love it, but our only complaint is the noise.  It is a very loud blender.  However, it does blend very well.  Green smoothies no longer feel stringy to me.     Amy
I forgot about 9.  The Coldest One in Coldtown -- I didn't care for this book very much.  I thought that I remembered people talking it up when it came out.  I just finished it because I was sure it would get better.  I did like the ending, but it was just not my style of book. 
I would like to find a magazine or news publication (in print preferably) geared towards teens about current events.  I thought there was one, but now am just not finding it.  Does anyone know of one?  Have you read it?  If so, what are your thoughts?   Amy
OK, well this is day 1 for me.  While I need to make changes that will eventually become a lifestyle, and I hope that whatever I do becomes just that, I am taking the next six weeks or so to see what I can do when I plan meals, track what I eat, and track what I do.  After six weeks, I will reevaluate.  If I am losing, I will continue with what I am doing.  If not, I am making an appt for some bloodwork or with a nutritionist.  I have had bloodworm done in the past...
I am joining this.  I have about 45 pounds that need to go.  I would love it if I could lose 50.  I have been very frustrated lately about weight.    Amy
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