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This is different!  I now homeschool, but I used to volunteer in the classroom a lot.  Kindy and 1st graders (even 2nd sometimes) rarely look "fresh".  They play hard, and are expected to be a bit dirtier than the rest.  However, the children that are noticably smelly (at this age) usually haven't been bathed in a very long time.  My youngest hates baths, she is required to take them, but not daily.  She was also very independent early on--dressing herself (and proud of...
I also think it was great.  It is easy to over analyze things especially when you have many logical reasons to not spend extra money.  However, I think that these random acts of kindness are what makes the world a better place.  I bet the gesture warmed him to the core and the gloves warmed his hands!  Good for you.    Amy
It took us a while to decide on a juicer--we didn't want to spend a ton of money if we ended up not liking it, yet we wanted one that would do greens well and clean up easily.  We ended up getting an omega 8004.  We got a refurbished one through a certified dealer on ebay.  It comes with a nice, fat warranty too.  This was $209.  There are less expensive models, but we chose this one.  We saw some come up on craigslist too and they were going for $150 - $200 so we figure...
same -- 180 My juicer came in the mail today--might be a big waste of $$$ but I want to try it.     Amy
I finally have to reply to this thread.  There are so many definitions of "eyesore" for a yard.     We have a rental house and there was one renter that was terrible and the neighbors kept calling us.  The family was just tossing bags of trash in the back yard, eventually some of these got opened up and trash was everywhere.  I agreed with the neighbors that this wasn't acceptable--the trash didn't just stay at the one house and the neighborhood was dealing with it...
Just painted the tips in gold and added a little glitter.  :-)
The pinecones are finished!  I am very happy to have my table back.  (The pinecones are my contribution to the decorations for the 50th anniversary party for my in-laws).   I can't say that much else got done.  I found dd some new boots, got the grocery shopping done, bought a birthday present and took dd to the birthday party.  Perhaps tomorrow I will clean the bathrooms.  That would be good.     Amy
My fil collects those.  He loves Jarts, I think in part because they have been recalled/banned.  Amy
Wow--this is nuts!  But seriously, it isn't that hard to Label food with their contents.  My goodness, if someone asked your aunt for the recipe because it was sooo good, she would probable rattle it off or get them a copy.  You aren't asking for anything more, just a different reason.  At the same time, I am super happy that I only have one person coming with any major food issues (and his are easy to accomodate). Good luck.  Amy
I agree that 2.5 is a bit young for it, but our family liked that park and the San Diego zoo better than Disneyland.  Oh, they loved SeaWorld.  My kids (at the time they were almost 9, 6, and almost 3).  They didn't really play with legos either.  However, they loved seeing all the stuff built out of legos.  Also, my kids preferred the rides at lego land.  Sure, disney has little kid rides too, but the music in them was soooo loud that it bothered my kids.  The legoland...
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