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there is a Toronto group. Search attachment parents of Toronto on fb and it should come up. @Shakti77
You could try tying Tibetian on your ruck, that would get some of the weight to your chest as well.
What carry are you trying? I found a ruck the easiest to learn since it has only one pass over baby it's fast. Lots of people like secure high back carry since you tie a half knot to pine the baby in place after the first pass but I find that carry less comfortable than a ruck.
Around 11 months ds started skipping one nap some days. It wasn't until 14 months that he completely stopped the morning nap.
How old is the seat? I would definitely contact the company before buying another one.
I stopped being worried around 6-7 months. If I remember correctly the vast majority of sids cases occur around the 4 month mark. My son is 9 months old and if he puts a light blanket on his head or sleeps on his stomach I let him be.
This is true in Toronto where I live. Definitely look into it in your area.
My husband and I just bought tickets to a show and I will be leaving my son for the first time. He will be just over 9 months at the time. I am sad, nervous and excited to leave him all at the same time!
When I take the bus or streetcar I always wear my baby. Normally I try and sit down in one of the seats that face forwards, to me they seem a little safer since in an accident or sharp stop other people are less likely to end up in your lap.
Feed your baby when they are hungry. They know what they need, as parents we just need to listen!
New Posts  All Forums: