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It's pretty common knowledge now that continuing to be active thoughout pregnancy is a good thing, but I think in general this mostly means walking and yoga and other low impact gentle exercise.  I'm normally a pretty active person (I was a multi sport varsity athlete in university) so for me playing somewhat competitive volleyball so far this pregnancy hasn't been too difficult.  I'm definitely trying to take it easy, I'm not wearing knee pads and I"m not going up for...
I am super excited!   I'm stressing a little bit now, we have NOTHING ready.  We are doing renovations on our house so right now the baby doesn't have a room.  Because we don't really have anywhere to put things we haven't bought anything yet.  Hopefully we'll get out this weekend and get started at least narrowing down what we want for a car seat and some of the other big things we need to get started on.   It's supposed to warm here next week, real spring...
I'm expecting my first in June and know I want to use cloth, but I'm having trouble figuring out what will work best for my husband and I.   My husband is completely against prefolds or anything with "too many parts".  He really likes the idea of all in ones, but I'm a bit worried about the drying time.  I am pretty bad right now at remembering to take things out of the washing machine to dry and I'm a little paranoid that I will end up running out of diapers because...
I will have my DH, two midwives, and maybe a student midwife.
I'm just over 25 weeks and have been feeling pretty achy today out of nowhere.  I thought it might be from my volleyball game last night and it was time to stop, but you are giving me hope it's not and I'll get to play for another few weeks still!
+1   After doing research this is what my husband and I decided as well.
I'm happy for you!    
+1   I think I'd like to have pictures, but I don't think I want anyone there.  I hope to have more children later (this is my first) so I think I might get a photographer later.  My husband said to do what I want, but he would rather not have many people at the birth.  Because I'm not 100% sure I think this time I'll skip it.  Part of my reasoning is the cost though, if I had someone good available for free I think I would go for it.
This is my first pregnancy so I don't have anything to compare to but I've been thinking boy since like week 6 or 7.  I have no idea why, I don't have a really strong "feeling" or anything, I just can only picture this baby being a boy.  Before I got pregnant I could picture boys and girls pretty much equally.     My husband thinks it's a girl, but that is just so if I'm wrong he's right :)
Yesterday and today I've been having some minor cramping, low and just in front.  It's not painful, just a little annoying.  Although I'm feeling a bit worried about it I feel silly calling my midwife.  I'm growing a little person, not feeling some discomfort now and then would be strange!  I'm about 20 weeks now.  Anyone feeling this too?
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