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I've heard from a bunch of people that dad babywearing really helped.
It is horrible how some people have been treated by LLL leaders and/or other moms at meetings. But just because a few people have had issues doesn't mean there is a problem with the entire organization. I know in my group while the leaders all STRONGLY believe that child led weaning is best, if a mother has chosen a different time to wean they are supported. My group says that it is their job to support mothers meet their own personal nursing goals. I have not seen...
Totally agree with this!
I saw the playtex straw ones on sale so I picked one up. Now I just need to convince ds that its the straw not the handle he should put in his mouth. LOL
Before having kids my DH and agreed it would be great if I would stay home until they were in school full time, in Ontario that is 4 years old (full day starts in jk). Until very recently I didn't think that financially that would be an option now that it apears we could manage ok on just his income I am starting to have second thoughts. Mostly around how I would manage to transition back to the workforce. My mom stayed home when i was a kid and has only ever found...
With hourly wakings having him not right beside me sounds scary.  Has anyone tried moving a baby who wakes so often to a crib?  How bad was it needing to get up from bed to settle them?  Or did the better sleep start right away (I can hope right?)
When my son was first born he slept in a Moses basket right beside my bed. From about 2 months on he was a GREAT sleeper, up one or two times and easily nursed back to sleep. Once he outgrew the basket at about 4.5 months we stopped swaddling him and started him in bed with us. He started waking more and more often, now its close to every hour that he wakes. I read the no cry sleep solution and am starting to see minor improvements but I am really starting to struggle...
Does anyone know when in relation to solids a breastfed baby needs water? And do you just offer it in a sippy cup?
My pediatrician now recommends starting at 4 months as well.  We started a few weeks ago at 5 months, we wanted to wait until DS could sit up unassisted.  I think he's manged to swallow something once but he certainly has fun.  
We started my son in bungenious pockets 4.0 at about 1.5 or 2 weeks.  He would have been roughly 8 pounds.  They seemed to fit well.  The BG all in ones didn't work until he was closer to 9 pounds, the leg holes didn't get tight enough.  He's very thin though.  
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