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oh, and I was expecting it to be really heavy because of everything that I had read... but it wasn't bad at all.  
My son is 21 months and nurses a lot when we're together all day (6+ times) and 4-5 times when he goes to daycare in the afternoons.  I just got my period back the third day of our 10 day Hawaiian vacation.  I was shocked (and of course unprepared).  It was also strange because with the traveling and sleeping with me in our hotel, his nursing had INCREASED... kind of weird. 
Wow, sounds like your body was just ready and waiting :)  I've been going 10+ hours at night for awhile, but it hasn't seemed to work for me.  Not that I'm excited about getting my period again, but it seems like a good milestone and maybe help to get my body back to normal.  No more painful cramps today and no period, so who knows...   Thanks for replying!
Does anyone have experience that they wouldn't mind sharing?
The Baby Whisperer has quite a bit on Toddlers, which I actually found more beneficial than the baby part...  http://www.amazon.com/Baby-Whisperer-Solves-Your-Problems/dp/0743488946/ref=pd_sim_b1  
Wow!  You are lucky, I think they sleep in late!  My 18mos old goes to bed at 7 and wakes up between 6-6:30, though on a really really rare occasion he'll until 7...
Hi,   My DS is 18 mos and still breastfeeding during the day (sleeps through the night).  I still haven't had my first period postpartum and tonight I started having really sharp pains in my abdomen.  In all my years prior to conception I had light periods (or no periods) and never really suffered from PMS.  I do have stomach issues, but the cramping is too low and I can tell it's not digestion related.   I've heard that the first ppp can be really painful and...
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