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my apologies ladies. I guess if I would have proof read what i wrote it would have made more sense.  The midwife will be available by phone if the student were to arrive before her.  The student is an hour closer to me than the midwife is.  So obviously the student would probably arrive first. Since I have quick births the actual midwife may not be here before baby came.  I didn't know if there were separate charges for a student and then the regular charge for a...
How much should I expect a student midwife to charge?  
her site is still up and running, however she just updated the database or server or something.  It has been down for a day or two to work out some of the bugs.
that's a great point.  thanks.  I didn't think about that. 
Thanks ladies for all your responses.    I am under the care of an OB because i moved to a new state when i was  weeks and wanted to start care here.  I did search out a midwife however because we live in a pretty rural area the closest midwife is over 2 hours away.  She didn't take my insurance and since we moved I couldn't afford her cost.  Our insurance covers all maternity care too. So having to pay a few thousand dollars after we just moved(my husband had been...
I have pretty quick labors.  My daughter was born in 2001 after a 2 hour labor(in the hospital 12 minutes). My son was born at 37 weeks at home at an unplanned UC.  I didn't even think I was in labor with him and it was super quick(an hour maybe).  i did go to to the ER and my son was whisked away to the NICU for a week without a real reason why until I constantly questioned the Dr. and then all of a sudden they said he has aspiration pneumonia and came home 2 days...
Does anyone have any information on obtaining a BC for West Virginia?
I know this is an old thread but does anyone have any recommendations?
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