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I am pregnant with my 2nd.  Baby is due a week before my 40th birthday, but who knows when it will come, so I guess I'll just say I am in the club:)
No discharge today.  Feeling generally well, until my toddler threw up, which in turn made me nauseated…A little bit of morning sickness, so keeping gluten free pretzel barrel by the bed.  And if you asked my husband he would say I am a bit moody.  I ran up until 30 weeks in my last pregnancy, but something tells me that this time I am going to stick to walking and swimming (floating)….and maybe some prenatal yoga.  Impact is for the birds already.
I had brown spotting/smears 3 days before my period was due, which I took for an anovulatory cycle, but which was apparently implantation bleeding perhaps.  A week later, I just went for a slow run and am having some tannish discharge.  Hope its just the body cleaning itself out and old blood.  Hope I don't start seeing fresh blood at least.  Praying for stickiness!
EDD September 26.  We have a 15 mod old boy.  Would love a little girl, but would love a boy as well;)  Praying for stickiness.  I am 39.  Turn 40 a week after EDD, so will be best BD present ever.
Milk thistle is a liver cleanser and as an herbalist, I believe you are better off staying away from liver pushes and cleanses while your pregnant.
Hi guys!  I am a bit overwhelmed with the whole cloth diaper thing, so I am considering diaper service for the first couple of months and then buying and washing my own.  Can someone recommend services and brands and actually spell out.  The initials thin is not working for me;)  Thanks!
Darn, I missed!
Guess not?
Playing around with Stella Rose or Stella Jean in honor of great grandmothers, also like Ava... and Lon Louis and William Berkeley in honor of great grandfathers I would really like to do a more herb inspired name like Betony and Basil, but my husband says he does not want "funny" names!
I am kind of hoping for a boy, although anything happy and healthy will be great.  
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