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It's not good (or at least not recommended) to let your core body temp go over 102F. Maybe just make sure your temp isn't rising too high? I'm honestly not sure about direct heat on the abdomen. Maybe do five minutes on and ten off and repeat? Just to keep from getting too warm?
I made page for us natural moms to share information and ideas.  I am hoping to have meetups as well as a marketplace for selling/trading cloth diapers, carriers, wraps, etc.   http://www.facebook.com/crunchymomstwincities
First of all, she needs REAL bipolar meds not marijuana (I am pro legalization even though I don't smoke myself but drugs are not a way to self medicate).   As for the cutting thing...   Have you ever taken a pain pill?  Or felt the amazing feelings you get after exercising or having sex or eating a lot of chocolate?  The feeling you get from those things is endorphins.  Endorphins make you feel great and super happy.   Endorphins also release when we are in...
I have a couple of questions.  First, how tall is she?  Has she gotten her period yet?  I got mine and stopped growing at age 10 so there is a chance she might be at her adult height.     However that isn't the point.  As someone who suffered from eating disorders starting at that age, I want to beg you to tread lightly.  Ask her doctor (not in front of her) about it.  See if they have any suggestions.   I wasn't overweight until AFTER I recovered from my eating...
This sounds like my DD but for her it's OCD... worth looking into.   You sound like you have a lot on your plate and you're not getting the support and help that YOU need and deserve.  I hope things get better for YOU and your DD.
  So Parker is 4 weeks old and is getting over his first cold that his beautiful, yet germ attracting, sister gave him (and me).  He didn't get it nearly as badly as she and I got it (Yay for breastmilk antibodies!) but he still has a junky nose.  So I make daddy suction out his nose because I can't stand to hear him cry.  It makes me literally cry too. I've been power pumping tonight and I just fed him which means my oxytocin levels are soaring and I'm in loving,...
Oh dear, I didn't mean to say you should be doing what I'm doing, I didn't mean that at all.  I was just using myself as an example of someone who would find their quality of life diminished if TV was taken away.   I also seem to have read your post wrong.  If you and he made a deal then he shouldn't have agreed to it if he didn't like it.  
She sounds like a very controlling, dependent person who has an unhealthy dependency on both you and your child.  I had a friend who wanted a child so badly she started thinking my daughter was hers.  She knew enough to step back out of the situation herself but most times that doesn't happen.  I would remove yourself from your friend before she starts getting even more crazy.
I would call and make a police report about that.  She's threatening you.  Take legal action.
I tell my daughter that she shouldn't be showing of her vagina to everyone because it's a very private and special part.  I also tell her it's not ladylike to let everyone see her private parts.  It's a cliched saying but still rings true.
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