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Can anyone tell me typically what the dose is for these? My sister is in the hospital at 29 weeks because of contractions. She was checked last Monday due to contractions and in a couple of hours she dialated to 1cm. So, they admitted her and put her on mag.sulf. which caused fluid on the lungs-pulm.edema & pneumonia. She's trying to get off of everything but, it's a slippery slope as they treat side effects which cause other problems. She's off the mag.sulf. She's...
Oh, I'm so disappointed to here about All Round. We really wanted to get that. I'll second (and third) any of the Cobblestone magazines. I wanted to mention two that weren't mentioned yet that are also commercial free. Kids Discover (http://www.kidsdiscover.com/) and Moo Cow Fan Club (http://moocowfanclub.com). We love them both. I love Kids Discover so much that I've taken to bidding on back issues on ebay and now almost have the complete library from the beginning!
So what makes you think that you are any less intelligent or resourceful than someone employed as a teacher in a school? Who would have your childrens' best interests any closer to the forefront than you? You have nothing to confess 2 Lucky kids!
franks and ballpark
sewing machines and needles
grains and beans
AmyB, I love your response!
Where did you come across that crap?
mining and minerals
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