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I followed the directions. I'm so very interested in homeschooling my son. 
yay!!!!! so glad I won!
I've also had the typhoid and hep A vaccines for travel to west africa - they are ROUGH! The Typhoid in particular - I was sick for a week and I was 14 at the time. I wouldn't give it to a baby unless it was totally necessary. West Africa is TOTALLY different than South Africa. Our friends live in SA with their children now - neither have had these shots. 
so - we've been to South Africa: Johannesburg, Soweto and Durban. Where are you going?? Unless you'll be in places without running water - or mishandled food (there are VERY FEW of these places here unless you plan on being in the shanty towns)- your baby won't need the typhoid or hep A shots. South Africa is a VERY clean and modern country - especially in the cities. The food (especially) and water are handled better than the in states.  
I want! I need! Baby goes for his 2 month appt soon.. we'll be discussing a vax plan. I liked both mothering and vaccishield on FB
Subscribed   I would like to see posts about: 1. Homeschooling as a supplement in the evenings and on weekends for Full Time working parents   and   2. Socializing homeschooled children
Thanks serefina. For me an early loss after birth = traumatic birth. I can't speak for everyone else, but personally I was responding to the topic of c-section birth overall - not your specific statements and personal thoughts about the topic. I think every woman is entitled to her opinion and what's best for her. I just included my story in the conversation. Serena - recovery times can vary widely. Myomectomies are very similar to c-sections because they cut into your...
I'm officially 36 weeks today. YAY!. I feel heavy, exhausted and like a sick n shut in. My back and hips hurt so I hate leaving the house. I'm officially on Maternity Leave today too. AWESOME.   As for birthing. My one vaginal birth ended in loss... so yeah, I did it, I hated it but I did it. Cesarean will be how this baby gets here. I'm lucky that c-sections exist - otherwise, I wouldn't have the option of having another baby. I mourned the loss of having a vaginal...
I just went and bought the dr. Bronner's baby soap. I already used various fragrances for my hair, not sure why I didn't think to try the baby one too. I also got the organic unrefined coconut oil. We got Burt's bees and Shea moisture products at the shower, but I definitely want to use more natural, fragrance free products the first few months.
I'm hopping on to share my experience with fibroids, pregnancy loss due to fibroids, fibroid surgery (myomectomy) and pregnancy post myo.    Ok so - back in 2005 I found out I had a few small fibroids - all embedded in my uterine wall on the outside of my uterus. Fast forward to 2011 - went to see the doc because my periods just disappeared for 6 months.. during the exam - my doc felt what he thought was a cyst. He sent me for an ultrasound and found I had a 6cm...
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