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True - but I get seasick!     The person below me is craving a big mac and fries!
So.. I bought the Fre Wine yesterday - got the Merlot and the Red. I LOVE Cabernet in my non-pregnant life. Um, so yeah... at first sip I was totally turned off...it smells like real wine - but neither were very tastey...I let the Merlot sit out a while and went back to it - it was a smidge better. It was like BAD grape juice at first. Good grape juice would have been better. I put the red in the fridge - and I'm hoping that helps a little. At least they were on sale - 2...
DVD or Netflix - I love to watch a whole season in one sitting. Would you rather clean a bathroom or drink hot sauce?
False... I used to be but now I can barely finish a book in a year. The person below me is eating Mexican tonite.
Yay Serafina! Glad to hear it.    I haven't been measured since 26 weeks - but I haven't had any BH or regular contractions either. So far so good... let's hope we all stay that way!
At target!?!?!?!? Runs out of the door!!! Oh wait, it's 6:48am.
I wake up EVERY morning from 4a-5:30/6. My alarm goes off at 7. I hate EVERYTHING. lol
Lol Madelyn, not smells- but I'm nauseous again at least once or twice a day. It's not as bad as it was the first 20 weeks I had it - but when the wave hits... It hits. Sometimes baby's movement triggers it.
Thanks splath!
also good points freckled!
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