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yeah- that's what I'm thinking too... it's been so long I'll probably pass out after two sips anyway! lol
This is a good time to ask... for the Breastfeeding mamas - what is your plan with alcohol? Alcohol strips? Waiting 2 hours post drinking to BF? A glass or less? Pumping and dumping? I'm curious. I had planned on going with having less than a glass of something and then waiting 2 hours to BF. 
Thanks Tilly!    The band is originally $69.99 at Buybuybaby... but I used a 20% off coupon and spent $59.13 after tax. Not bad since the regular belly bandit for post birth is $59 and this serves a duel purpose. It's actually not THAT noticeable under clothing. I wear a lot of maxi skirts and t-shirts to work and no one has mentioned it. I got the beige instead of the black and so far so good. It's not extremely bulky and doesn't roll - which I like. It's been...
aw man - bailey's with a shot of gran marnier is the BOMB! That's all I drank (besides Red Stripe) on our trip to Jamaica a few years ago. The red stripe in jamaica is MUCH stronger than it is here - they call ours the light version.    I usually have a ton of Leinenkugel in the summer.. they have such great flavors. I told DH to stock up on some of the ones that are seasonal so that I can have them post baby. lol
I went to trim one day about 3 weeks ago and realized that I was unable to see her. I tried for a good 10 minutes, then doubled over in laughter for 10 more. So funny that I hadn't realized the issue I would have before. It was so funny to me. It's still funny. Lol.
Thanks! Novi is definitely an option.
I haven't seen my vagina... I miss her.
This has been my life the last two weeks. I got an upsie belly bandit band that helps a lot - but I still get pain in one of my hips sometimes. But it's a huge improvement over not being able to walk at all for two days last week.
aw Serefina - I'm at 40 already. It's ok. It's all for baby. My body image hasn't been the best during pregnancy - but I try not to focus on it. My doc reassures me that it's all for a good reason. :-)     AFM - this back and hip pain... grrrrrrrrr. Now I get this pain that shoots up my hamstring at random times. It causes my knees to buckle. NOT HOT
man... I MISS red WINE SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH. With my history - I refused to risk it - even thought I heard that a little red wine would keep my uterus calm. BUT - the hubs buys me O'douls AMBER non-alcoholic beer every now and then. It helps take the edge off. It's super strong so it tastes real. I've already bought the two little bottles that we're going to take to the hospital and toast with after the birth. I bet I have two sips and pass out though. lol
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