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I bought the upsie belly bandit for my back and hip pain - and because it has a spot for the hot/cold pack that comes with it. It can be used post pregnancy to tighten everything up. I remember after my loss - that when my milk came in - I had TERRIBLE cramping. I used a similar band to hold everything up and it lessened the pain a great deal. MY stomach also went down pretty fast. I was huge because I had fibroids that were bigger than the baby. 
Awesome. I'll check dr turke out
Thank you MCIMOM!
I feel you. I'm 31 weeks and I have NO desire to get up, drive to work and work an 8 hour day. I need naps, more food breaks and my office is in a big house so no elevator. I climb about 40 stairs 5-6 times a day. I have 5 weeks before I can work from home. I don't feel like I will make it.
My back and hip pain got so bad I couldn't walk... Had to get a back brace. I opt'd for the upsie by belly bandit. Expensive but I can use it post pregnancy too. Been wearing it a few hours and already my hips feel 75% better. My back feels 50% better and I don't have the pain I had when getting up from the seated position. Who knew a little lift under my belly would help so much. I'm carrying pretty low, pretty far- straight out in front. It puts. Lot of pressure on my back.
Hip pain-check! Nausea - check! Heart burn - check! Nothing seems to help for any of those either.
no one?
I don't have a choice about being a SAHM. It's just not an option. I get 8 weeks off because of my c-section and I plan to ask for another 2-4 weeks to work at home while I figure out my whole pumping plan. My hubs and mother will be the primary caretakers of the baby - as my hubs' is a musician and works a very non-conventional schedule and my mom is retiring. I wish I could be at home, but it's just not an option right now. We hope to change that in a year - but since...
the beach?? oh how I need that in my life.....
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