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same here... I carry extra undies because panty liners give me infections.
My back and hips hurt like HELL! I'll be asking for a PT script next week. I can't be cripple every evening anymore - it's depressing.   My mood is generally pretty good. I'm just now starting to fee heavy and big. I guess that's pretty good at almost 25 weeks.   I've learned that what I eat greatly affects my dreams. If it's something healthy the night before - my dreams are peaceful.. if it's junk - they are CRAAAAZZZZZYYYYYY.
I'm 25 this Monday and I feel the EXACT same way.
Thanks Serafina! How are your BHs? Have they calmed down? I actually had real contractions Sat. It was scary - but I'm fine now.     Mamamash - sounds like I'm not alone.      Thanks Suzie - I get uncomfy when I'm really active too - I'm just not really THAT active these days - besides walks a few times a week. lol     Lol Tilly - I feel you - a complement would go a long way.     Yay for 26 weeks Letnia. 
I feel pretty large - and ppl keep telling me about it too. :-/ But whenever I stand next to someone who is really 8-10 months pregnant - I look teenie. People really should comment.   Starting to feel a little uncomfy - mainly after sitting or laying for long periods of time. I try to walk a few days a week - but by the end of my walks - I'm waddling.    Getting to week 24 was a triumph for me - as I've already had two bouts of contractions. Baby has...
YES!!! Exactly that.. I know it's not gas.. and then "ooo- that loud noise WAS gas" soon follows.
I get kicked really low quite often, feels like the top of the cervix. When it happens I have to pee immediately and sometimes nothing comes out. I thought it was abnormal - but I guess it's not, hunh? Lol
Jenny - I don't think anyone was trying to kick you out. We were just explaining why some of us get checked more often and why our BH can cause real contractions- in response to your question.
What Serafina said.   I had PTL last year and delivered my baby one day before 18 weeks. They are watching me like a HAWK! I don't get it checked every visit. I've only had it checked once by ultrasound since I was hospitalized. My next official u/s is at 26 weeks. I may ask that it be checked manually next week though at my 23 week visit (I see my OB every 2 weeks, I get my progesterone shot every week). She may not do it and wait until my u/s.
Yup. It first started at 14 weeks but it was really just here and there. At 19 weeks it became full time and constant. I'm almost 23 weeks and I sometimes there are 4-6 hour blocks with no movement. I think it's pretty normal especially when you first start feeling it. They do tend to sleep a lot and move a lot sometimes they are kicking where we can't feel it.
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