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You're better than me Pickle - I never did "announce." My dad passed 3 weeks ago and the first time ppl had a hint was at the funeral. I was 2 days shy of 20 weeks then. I know what you mean about due dates. I'm actually due in Sept but because of my prior uterine surgery and loss I'll be having a scheduled c-section the 3rd week in August. I just started telling ppl I was due in August. 
HAHA. I don't share on FB at all so I don't blame you for sharing it here. I've been feeling the constant wiggles for the last 3 weeks - at first I was worried that I felt them TOO much. lol
We bought the britax travel system. It comes with the B-agile stroller and the B-safe infant carrier. I tried a ton of strollers and this was the easiest for me to maneuver, the lightest full size stroller and easy for me to fold down and pop up. Target had the system on sale for about $350 with free shipping and the free britax baby carrier (retails for $90-$130). I put a moby wrap on my registry but since I have back issues - I also bought a gauze cloth wrap that won't...
I was 3.4 cm at 19 weeks. Doc said anything over 2.5 was great. I'm almost 22 weeks now and probably won't have it checked again until 26 weeks.
  The shot comes in two different forms: the brand name Makena that comes already mixed or a progesterone oil that your doc's pharmacy usually mixes in house to make the shot. They are basically the exact same thing. Makena costs more and your insurance of course has to agree to approve it. Took my insurance co two days and then another day for my OB office to order and receive the meds. Some docs/insurance companies allow you to receive the shots at home and administer...
I started really feeling mine around week 16 - then I had some real contractions. I rev'd up my water intake and have only had a few since (each time I drink more water) - I also started the Makena (17 P) shot weekly because I went into preterm labor last year at 18 weeks. For me I think that BH (if prolonged) start real contractions for me. I think that's what you were asking Serafina. 
My favorite thing about baby wearing is being able to keep baby close at all times!
Yeah- I thought this was kinda cool too. Since we won't be finding out the sex until birth - I'll be sure to update then.   Feel free to add any nub scans to this thread - maybe we can all become pros!
Apparently the angle of the dangle (giggle) can tell you what gender your baby is - as early as 12 weeks. Here is more info on it. 
Anyone wanna take a shot at guessing my baby's gender based on the nub theory?    
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