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I've pretty much been spotting pink since January 9th. I've had 2 ultrasounds and both have shown a healthy babe and no reason for me to be spotting. My next ultrasound isn't until Feb. 27th. I imagine everything is ok.. and finally about 3 days ago my spotting decreased significantly from 2-3 pantyliners a day to not really needing one. I still have a little discharge but nothing like before. 
Thanks Conifer!   Interesting.. very interesting. I have heard of docs telling women to cut out exercising while TTC and the first trimester after a loss.. but only recently - and only on this board. I would think exercise would be great. I just picked back up on my zumba 4-5 times a week. I did wait until after my BFP - but only because I'm off for the holidays and have time.. not because I thought no exercise would help with TTC. Although - now that you mention it...
Ahhhh. That makes a lot of sense. Thank you for explaining that to me. Thank you. I tell my little bean to hang in there every morning and every evening. Sure hope he/she is listening. I remember having to wait 6 cycles.. Seemed like forever... But I paid attention to my cycles and they seemed to get more and more "normal" too.. They varied but nothing like the every 14 days of bleeding I had before my myomectomy.
Thank you Dakipode! I hadn't remembered the relaxin hormone - everything was so fast and uncomfy for me last time. I went and looked it up - I think you may be right. Hopefully it subsides a little as I get closer to 6 weeks. I've never been good at temping - but still holding out some hope for you this month. It seems like a lot of women have luck with clomid - are there any reasons that women don't use it? side-effects or something? I notice a lot of women get on and...
Thank you TeamViddy!!! I hope your O comes soon!   HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!! Wishing you all the BEST and sending you a TON of baby Dust for 2013!!!
Cute lilac!
librarygirl - I'm pulling for you!
Thank you librarygirl! Your box must have worked! Sounds like you have many of he same symptoms I had. Are you using FRERs to test?
Thank you justjenny!
Thanks lilac... soon, but not yet. lol Thanks for that dance! I love it.     You sew things? That sounds like it's going to be awesome for your little niece. I hope you take pics of it all after you finish.
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