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doularebekah  - Thank you! At first I thought I was making up the line... but then it started to fill in and get more pink. I'm such an american - I had to convert lbs to kilos online (smh)... I hate that she told you to "just lose weight" and that would fix everything. 1. Losing weight is not that easy, especially when you're stressed about having a baby and #2 that might not even be the reason - I agree with you that she should have looked at other options. GRRRRRRR. I...
Thank you Unusely!!!
Thanks LILAC - a tweaker on babycenter pulled some pink. I surely FEEL preggers. I'll try a digi on Saturday (12 dpo). My afternoon and evening tests are better than my morning tests - so I think I'll test every evening from now on.     Thank you Just Jenny - I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope this baby is sticky too.  It's been a LONG year. A few years ago I had an 8 week lost and now with my 18 week lost - I'm just SO nervous. Thank you for the sticky dust - I need it.
    Here is my 10 dpo afternoon test. That line is a little better - even have some pink IRL. I might use a digi on Saturday.   We got some snow too (I'm also in the mitten)... I won't be venturing out of the house today. lol.. Besides, I have HORRIBLE back pain these days.. I'm no fun after about 20 minutes of walking around.
librarygirl - I love that picture! I hope that means BFPs for EVERYONE!!!   TeamViddy - I know how you feel - my dad is was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in August and his health has been PLUMMETING since then. After my 18 week loss in March.. I've just really wanted him to meet a grand baby. I'm hoping you get your BFP soon.   Merry Christmas Lilac, Rosie and EVERYONE ELSE - I hope yours was awesome!   AFM - I had a pretty good Christmas. It was laid...
Aw teamviddy. *hugs* I'm in Michigan too, supposed to get some snow soon. It was pretty warm today but rained and rained. Makes me want to sleep. Lol
    AFM.. NADA! I wait. lol. The Hubs asked me this morning if I was preggers yet. SIR! I need two weeks, thanks. He's hilarious!
lol TeamViddy - it DOES sound like forever... but I just know it's going to FLY by! lol
Thank you dakipode! Ooo new boots. I finally got a pair of frye boots that I've been stalking since October. Expensive, but I love them. TeamViddy- I hope so. I hope your PCOS free! Yay for hubby stepping up. But it would be hilarious if you got preggers this cycle though... And awesome. Yay for vacation! I'm done Friday at 3:30 until Jan 7th- so exited!!! AFM-Still getting positive OPKs, hoping I ovulate tonite. And then I wait... But never two full weeks. Lol
Hey TeamViddy! Mine was GREAT - busy busy busy. I got some time with my Dad - ALWAYS lovely. He started his radiation treatments on Thursday. Even though his cancer has spread A LOT since September, his spirits are DARN good. I also got to sit in on a jam session with a great percussionist last night - Bill Summers. It was really nice. I also got to hold some babies this weekend. Supposedly that's supposed to help you get preggers - I know, Old wives tale... but I'm not...
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