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Part way through the posts I missed but read them while on a conference call so didn't catch everything.   Happy Belated Thanksgiving!   Sparkle your dog is soooo cute.   We have an Elf on the Shelf that FIL gave us last year.  My two small ones love him...my oldest is very skeptical   DD2 left him a little Christmas bag the other night so he left her a thank you note this morning.  She was thrilled.   Have to run to another meeting but will be back to...
Put in a no spend today without thinking....   14 -  $15 - lunch, charity bake sale & lottery with co-workers 15 -  - No spend 16 -  $35 - Expensive Lunch 17 -  Budgeted Spending only 18 -  - No spend 19 - /Mostly budgeted spending today on b-day gift for dd1 & gas but also some not budgeted spending $58 on coffee, a last minute school read-a-thon and pants for my two younger dd's
I really missed these threads   Thanks for the warm welcome back!   Plady ~ Love the pictures!   Loftmama, Shanti and all the Mommas who need it   Re: FB - I am still not on there and not entirely sure why.  I guess I am a bit scared of it.  Sad really.  Lots of pressure from family and friends to join but I just haven't been able to do it yet.   RR - Ran on the treadmill this morning while watching a infomercial for The Magic Bullet...now I want one
Shanti I am so sorry about your dog.  So hard to have to make those kinds of decisions especially when from the sounds of it you have lots of other stuff going on.   I am still on TO.  Are you still in the same place?  If you are ever down here we really do have to meet in person.   Plady that is so sweet.  I really missed you guys.
Good Luck at Costco...I find it a very dangerous place
Hi Dingos,   Not sure if anyone remembers me. I have been away from MDC for a long time.  Today I was just surfing the net (and not working) and I thought I should come and see what everyone is up to.  I see some familiar “faces” and plan to go back and read to see what everyone has been up to.  I have been running off and on for the last couple years but nothing serious.  I always found the ladies on this thread so motivating and helpful.  It is good to see so many...
I have not been on MDC in forever but I used to find these threads so helpful so I hope it is okay for me to jump in mid month.   My name is Kristine, WOHM to 3 girls almost 10, 6 & 4.  We have been working hard to reduce our spending.    Plan to keep tracking everything we spend (I have been keeping a spreadsheet since November 2009) and using this thread to keep me accountable.   Starting off mid month with an unnecessary spend   14 -  $15 - lunch,...
Not sure if I am going to make , but I am going to keep trying...   20 broken toys, crayons etc. 1 old undershirt 1 bag candy 2 stacks paper 1 pkg expired food 12 workbook/colouring books   = 37   1555 + 37 = 1592/2010
Threw out 25 bits of broken toys, crayons etc this week.   25 + 1532 = 1555   Well only a couple of weeks to go.  I hope to get quite bit done this week....  
It's December....I better get busy...   A few things to add:   5 pieces old clothing 1 broken kids table 5 broken toys   1521 + 11 = 1532
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