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I'm sorry you are going through this. No, you are not crazy, but I think you are the one who deserves the nice new BMW convertible!  I'm sorry your husband makes such huge decisions without your input.   Your resentments are absolutely appropriate!  You had every right to be upset! Being a step-mom is no easy task, but its even harder when you are in such a divisive environment. I hope you work things out.I really can't suggest much, but hopefully these encouraging words...
Thanks, tooraloora- I too suffered from PPD, I wonder if that had anything to do with my dilemma. Although my situation differs because I wasn't forced into having a child. ..I appreciate your insight!
1sttimemama,   Hope things are getting better for you. I too lost my mother unexpectedly- on January 9th of this year (massive heart attack). I lost my grandmother, uncle, and mother (in that order)  in an 18 month period- basically the entire maternal side of my family is gone. I feel an empty void within me, and today while my child was home sick, I realized how much I missed my mom and really wanted to pick up the phone to call her. I wish I could say it "gets...
Invest in a really sturdy sled and feel those calories burn!
OP, just wondering how things have been with the husband. After reading some of the ways in which you describe your husband's behaviors, its seems on the surface he is a little bit Borderline, as in Borderline Personality Disorder- he seems ALOT like my ex husband...if you are interested look up Borderline Personality Disorder, and a really great book called Walking On Eggshells. It opened up my eyes and I found techniques to dealing with my ex's behaviors that your...
Just wondering, how have things been going? Have you guys managed to sort this out, or work through the issue? Good luck!
My husband (of 1 year)  and I have been going back and forth about whether or not to have another baby . Actually, it is me who is going back and forth. Basically,  he was never married no kids, and I came into the relationship with 2 kids and previously divorced. We played around with the topic of adding on to our family even before we got married. From the beginning, I expressed a lot of concern and doubtfulness about having any more children ( some reasons to name a...
Maybe he is trying to show his commitment to your son? Sit down and explain his role. Kindly advise him that you value his advice, but ultimately the decisions are left up to you.
Mother of two adorable girls from Cleveland, wanted to say hi!!!
A manipulative spouse is usually a sign of being an abuser..he is being emotionally abusive. Will your son turn out like him? Possibly. You need to decide if you want to save your marriage or save your son. Good luck!
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