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I have actually mellowed out allot as my boys have grown. The older ones are 8 and 10 now and I was mortified by gun play when they were very small. Some examples of my road to surrender: A gun shape chewed from a piece of cheese at 3 years old At a "Peace" march with my kids the news team is interviewing me and the 4 year old runs up with a stick screaming "mom, hold my gun!" 6 year old telling me when I was very angry at their dad for buying them little toy army...
Totally agree with the above post. I would do a good session right before bed and early in the morning.
We are in the area. i actually facilitate a mom's group in the La Quinta area and I have a few resources for other mom groups. Feel free to pm me - welcome
a few years back I found a web-site that rated big companies from bright blue to deep red. I believe it was something like buyblue.com. I wanted to support blue companies because they tended to support the democratic party and treated employees better. There were obviously not allot of blue big companies but the ones i remembered were Costco, Macy's and Barnes and Noble. A few places I like such as Trader Joes were rated neutral. Nordstrom, Walmart and pretty much every...
Dr Rao and Dr Ramos should both be respectful of those vax choices. I don't think they'll agree with you but will not give you a hard time. Good luck!
Sophie - my 14 month old is a "Samuel" too!
Totally normal and you are doing a good job. I feel like I spend all day keeping my 14 mo old from eating crayons, styrofoam, foil and out of the garbadge cans and toilets. On top of that I can't get him to eat regular food or play with age appropriate toys.............I have some older ones though so I know it will pass
Did not read all the replies so this could be a repeat but scales can be very different sometimes a whole pound or more off even for babies. I would get her weight on a scale you can use on a regular basis and go from there. If she is healthy acting, pooping, and peeing I would not worry too much and just keep trying the solids. Good luck
Right there with Maggie about the weather - you give me a call in July .Look forward to meeting you in the store. I am there most days.
Hi May I am here in the Valley and am the facilitator of the CP group that Sparklett referred to (thanks Sparklett Yes, it takes place in the classroonm in Jadabugs. My husband and I own the store and we do sell cloth diapers, co-sleepers and slings along with baby furniture . Our group meets on Thursdays at 11. We also have a breastfeeding clinic on wed from 10-2. Feel free to contact me anytime with questions about peds and other like-minded organizations/friends. Hope...
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