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'Lucky' me, my period came while EBF, and it's considerably decreased my supply. I know about supplements and tricks to increase supply because I've done them all. :( The only 2 moms I know on the minipill started at ~6 wks pp. I'd love to hear from moms whether being on the mini pill hurt their supply, especially if you got on the pill later or after your first postpartum period. DC is 7 months. Thanks!
Maybe it's the lack of sleep, but I don't see the announcement thread.   My baby boy Daniel was born on 9/12, at 36w4d. Despite EVERYONE's evaluations pointing he was large for his GA (ultrasounds, palpation by two doctors and a midwife in the last 2 weeks), he was so tiny, only 5lbs 4.5 oz. Had a complicated birth, unfortunately (baby was OP, had a partial placenta abruption, and he came out limp, not breathing. After 2 hours in NICU he was fine, and they sent him...
Not sure if he officially dropped (although he feels low). But count me among those who started to lose the plug.  it started this morning, and was slightly pinkish. I really hope he stays in at least through the weekend (will be 37 weeks Saturday).
First of all, I'm sorry to hear that your son was dx with autism.   As someone whose nightmare throughout this pregnancy has been the threat of PTL, I, of course, do not want this to be true (took terbutaline through my pregnancy).   Poor doctors can't really win on this one. They have very limited choices in treating PTL, and, if they gave you terbutaline, they did it because they believed the benefits outweigh the risks. It is a very tough choice for doctors...
Little indulgences: a massage and a sushi dinner. Although my husband surely deserves some indulgences for himself, considering he's done all the cooking, shopping and cleaning in the past few months, while I've been on bed rest.   We've done the insane thing and moved across the country. I was really nervous to be on my feet and sitting for so long, but all signs were encouraging, doctors gave me the OK, and it ended up being an uneventful trip. So now, at 33 weeks,...
  What if you keep COBRA only for you, and get a very basic, inexpensive, high-deductible private insurance plan for the family. If they don't have ongoing health issues, you can pick a policy that would be a safety net in case of medical emergencies/ accidents. Good luck!
My midwife couldn't find it with a fetoscope at 20 weeks, but heard it at the following appointment, at 25 weeks.
That's true.   I'm in a similar situation, and there's not way I would risk going uninsured. I had a 1 week hospital stay for PTL at 27 weeks, and the insurance was billed more than $30,000 for that. COBRA is well worth it.   I would say keep the COBRA - assuming you'll be near the end of your first trimester when your job insurance runs out, 6 or so COBRA payments you will make through the rest of the pregnancy won't be more than an inexpensive midwife would cost you for...
Thanks Hansigurumi! Yes, I'm stubborn and determined to have this baby in Seattle. :) The NW practice sounds great.   I don't know what happened, but hope all is well with you and your family!
Great to see you pop in, Dandy. So happy that Pickle is thriving.   Wish you all the best!
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