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Thank you all for your recommendations. Unfortunately Cindie Brown no longer has hospital privileges, but she's my backup if I make it to 37 weeks. Dr. Chris Adams doesn't take new patients, but Marcie Hamrick in the same practice sounds great, so she'll probably be our PCP. The practice recommended Luba Foltz for OB care - if anyone knows of her, I'd love your feedback.
Dakota, please don't give up, your dose clearly needs to be increased. I would call back and insist to speak with the doctor. Or tell the nurse that you specifically discussed with your dr. the need to have the TSH less than 2.   It's very important to keep your TSH stable in the first trimester. My endocrinologist likes to see it at 1-1.5 during pregnancy.
Ladies, Dandylez started a blog for Pickle and posted the link in a different thread. I hope she won't mind me also posting it here. http://adairpickle.wordpress.com   He is putting on weight and doing very well. 
Sillymom, I have the same problem with Natural Calm - very laxative. I can never take the full dose.   VP, that looks like a very healthy, balanced weight gain! I've only gained 16 lbs net, but I think I gained way more fat than that, and it's offset by the loss of muscle (have no idea how many # of muscle I lost in 4 months of bedrest).   I was discharged from the hospital Tuesday, turning 29 weeks tomorrow. What a relief to still be pregnant!
Thanks, Dahlia!   Does anyone have a recommendation for a good pediatrician?
Witty, what a wonderful testimony, thank you for sharing!   I should clarify that I would LOVE to be able to do it with my baby; when I said it's not how I imagined the first hour, I was thinking about my husband - I had assumed he'd really want to hold the baby right away and didn't want to deprive him of that experience. But I showed him the video and now he's is up for doing the breast crawl!
Thank you both for replying!   Kaydove, I'll be moving to Seattle proper, close to South Lake Union area (haven't found a place to live yet, now looking in Capitol Hill, Queen Anne Downtown and West Seattle).   Dahlia, I heard good things about Group Health, but am confused about their coop status - must you have their Group Health insurance to go there? Unfortunately, their insurance plan is not an option for us, we'll probably have Aetna.
I’m moving to Seattle next month! Ideally, I would have liked a homebirth or in a birth center. However, I’m at risk for preterm labor, so a practice group with OBs and midwives would make most sense. This way, I will be under OB care, and once I get to 37 weeks I can transfer to midwives and have a natural, no intervention birth.   Things that I most care about are: –        freedom to labor in position of choice –        supportive hospital environment for no...
Cindy, thanks for asking. I can handle staying in the hospital for as long as necessary. I've been on self-imposed bed rest at home since 14 weeks, so it's not a major lifestyle change. Anything to keep my LO in a few more weeks.   Hansigurumi, DH got the offer! Now we have to figure out the logistics of moving. Drs. were pretty clear I'm staying put until 34 weeks no matter what. I can only hope to make it that far! 
Thanks, ladies! I'm still in the hospital, pregnant. Just like with the previous pregnancy, they don't know why I'm contracting. I've been off Mg sulfate since yesterday am, and on Procardia since. They were going to discharge me today, but my cervix shortened, so they're keeping me at least one more day and having me evaluated again tomorrow. The good news is that baby's doing well, got the steroid shots for lung development, and passed the 28 week mark yesterday. Of...
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