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  Thank you all for the advice. SolYPaz, I am already under the care of a high-risk (a.k.a. MFM/ perinatologist) who co-manages my case with my primary, regular OB. I heard the same thing about cervical checks, and that's another reason I want to avoid them for now.   I have a fetoscope, but it's too early to use at 16 weeks; I can feel fetal movement, so I know the baby is OK.   Alice, I am taking Vitamin C in addition to the prenatal (can you tell I'm...
Thanks for understanding, Alice. I will ask the Dr. for no checks until after 20 weeks, and even then for U/S checks only.   Drs won't do a cerclage on me - they said contractions will tear the cervix. Magnesium sulfate is no longer used around here at all; nor do they use any other tocolytic treatment (such as terbutaline, Procardia), before viability. Three different practices (1 high-risk OB and 2 regular OBs) told me the same thing.   Already drinking a gal...
Thank you for replying Alice.    I went through preterm labor last year (idiopathic, had a cervical check the week before) and lost the baby. Obviously, I wouldn't want that again. When I went to the hospital then, my cervix was 2.5 cm, no funneling.   CL is not a good predictor for me, I don't have an incompetent cervix; my problem is uterine irritability/ contractions, which I'm already having since week 13. Plus: - doctors (regular and high-risk OBs) were...
I read "after the second trimester". I'm in week 17 and can already feel the weight of my uterus while on my back. It feels only slightly uncomfortable, no symptoms of hypotension yet, but it might be time for me to start sleeping on my side already.
  How do you refuse unnecessary procedures like ultrasounds, dopplers, and cervical checks, without damaging the relationship with the OB?   Brief background: I’m at risk for preterm labor and on weekly 17-OH progesterone shots since yesterday (week 16), and I put myself on bedrest 2 weeks ago. The nurse that gives me the shots insists on using the doppler before every shot, on top of all the other uses at my OB visits (every other week). I am all for necessary...
Adaline'sMama, I'm so sorry for the loss of your sweet baby. I hope you are getting the support you need from your family and community. I also recommend resources like Share http://www.nationalshare.org/Groups.html, or whatever other local support you can get. Participating in a loss support group was helpful for me & my husband, and for all other parents we met there. My thoughts are with you.
My EDD is Oct 6.
I wish cramping were on the list, as that was the only constant, reliable sign with all my pregnancies.
This is a graphic video showing the procedure in a doctor's office. I was convinced before that any son of mine would be intact, and am even more convinced now. It was heartbreaking to watch and hear the little boy scream in agony. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXVFFI76ff0
Thank you very much, Dr. Jennifer. I just saw a local midwife who is certified in Maya massage, and will start next week. 
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