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I had a problem with that in my first two pregnancies. Since then I've upped my B vitamin intake, and haven't experienced that with my last two or this pregnancy. From what I could gather it's a mild form of carpal tunnel which is usually helped by vitamin B6. Anyway, as long as I take my prenatals (which have 100mg of B6) I don't have any problems. Becky
I'm not sure what we'll do with this one. With my first, I did the typical rice cereal at 6 months or so, and she took to it right away, loved all foods, and was a great eater. Dd2 was a different story. She'd eat a bite here and there, but didn't have any interest in being fed. At around 8 months, I caught her with a bowl of beef stew that she'd pulled off a table, so I figured she was ready. LOL! With Adam, I was all set to hold off any food for 8-9...
Your Name: Mamabbrown2003 Age:33 Due Date:February 13 Baby's Name and Gender: Joseph Emerson -- boy Date and Time Born: January 29 at 10:47 am Weight and Length: 8 lbs 10 oz and about 18 in long Joey was born at home after a 13 hour labor. He had a 14 in head and a 14.25 in chest, so there was lots of pushing.
You sound like a woman in the last month of pregnancy. I was getting all teary while my children were watching the movie Cars the other day. I wasn't even watching it with them, I was in the next room, taking a nap (at 11am). I desperately want to be nesting, but my energy spurt is only from about midnight to 1am. Not exactly a convenient time, so my house is more of a disaster than anything else. FWIW, I only got this moody with my girls. With DS, I felt great...
With my second, I hit 4 cm on April 24 but didn't have her until May 26. Apparently, I was only 4cm when I was contracting. When I wasn't, I was more like 3. It was a pretty quick birth -- about 3 hours, but she most certainly didn't just fall out. I think I'd rather have a baby just slide out at the grocery store than have to push hard for an hour again.
With my first, I just looked at a clock whenever one started, and they began 3 min apart in early labor, and were quickly 2 min apart and stayed there until I couldn't pay attention to it anymore. Since they didn't really get all that much closer together as labor went on, I realized that how far apart they are doesn't mean too much for me. With dd2, I had 6 weeks of prodromal labor where contractions were 2-5 min apart. All timing them did was cause me to have 2...
Not even close! dd1 -- 36 weeks dd2 -- 41 weeks and 5 days dd3 -- Somewhere between 40 weeks and 3 days and 41 weeks (not completely sure of dates) All 3 were spontaneous labors, so this one will probably show up somewhere between today and the end of Feb, but I'm hoping for sooner rather than later.
I remember reading somewhere that pregnancy related CTS is actually a symptom of a Vitamin B6 deficiency. I had it with my girls, but after switching to a prenatal that has 100mg of B6 rather than 1.8mg, it hasn't returned with this pregnancy or my son's.
I just don't know with this one. My first was a month early, and my last 2 were both late. I'm due right around the middle of Feb, so it could go either way. If this one is like my first, it could be January. If it's like my second, March, and if it's like my son, then Feb. This one seems to be in a good position and I've been having lots of contractions, but I'm really hoping to stay pregnant at least until Feb. 1. I've got too much to do!
I just want to say I understand just wanting all th joint pain to stop. I had SPD with my last 3 pregnancies and for a full year after ds was born. In other words, birth is not necessarily a "cure" for SPD, so induction may not be as helpful as you're hoping. With this pregnancy, my SPD has completely disappeared as of Thanksgiving weekend and has not returned (Thank God!). I had been preparing to call a chiropractor the following Monday, but ended up not doing that...
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