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....yeah, that's fraud and she's probably doing it with every other client she has too. Definitely report her, because what she's doing is illegal.
Absolutely report her. She should be carrying liability insurance, so if it is found that she was negligent then you might be able to get a settlement.
Please take him to the dentist. This is probably not something you can help on your own, you want it taken care of before it gets worse.
OP, what I would do is sit down and write out or type out every single thing you were dissatisfied with and either give it your midwife, or at least bring it along so you don't forget what you want to say. She won't be mad at you, she won't make people mad at you for being upset with the level of care you received. And if she DOES....well then go ahead and complain about her unprofessional attitude to anyone who will listen. Unfortunately, nothing will change if nothing...
No that's not a seizure. Perhaps his bum was hurting him? Mine does that if he's constipated (it's a constant battle :( ). I wouldn't stress about it.
I have no advice since I haven't experienced it yet, but I too had a traumatic birth experience and my son almost died. He was taken off life support at 5 days old but decided to stick around, and now at 19 months old has severe cerebral palsy. That was an induced vaginal birth with no pain meds at 41 weeks. For my next baby I plan on having an elective c-section. Emotionally I just couldn't handle a vaginal birth again. I have PTSD and am struggling with depression. So...
Oh and just to throw it out there, like I said in my PP, my mom started talking about sex with me in grade 4. By the time I was in grade 8 it was significantly less awkward and I could talk to her freely. I didn't have sex until I was 18.
My first piece of advice is to not freak out. It's completely natural and normal to be curious about sex and porn at that age. It's only with the advantage of modern technology that it is easier to access. What you need to do is sit down and give her the ol' sex talk if you haven't already. Explain to her that porn is the Hollywood of sex. It's mostly fake and all for entertainment value. She needs to know that it is ok to be curious but that porn is not something for a...
Awesome! And yes, that one bottle in the hospital is NOT the downfall of a breastfeeding relationship. The babies are young enough that it's relatively easy to get them to breastfeed
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