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TIAA-CREF company is an internet bank with 1.25% levels right now, not sure how good of a bank it is and rates are will probably not stay that 'high' 
Great topic.  I have watched my saving account drop almost monthly so now its like below 1% its sad every month it makes less and less.  If I had more I would put it into a cd but even the cds are the same interest right now so it doesn't matter.
Yes, All the way back to 2008. 
Well below 200% of the poverty level for a family of 4 in the contiguous 48 states would have to  be below the current 100% poverty level for 2011 for a family of 4 which  is: $22,350 for a family of 4 gross yearly, so below 200% of the current poverty level at 100% above the poverty level would have to be negative.  Now 200% above  is $44,700, 100% is $22,350 and 0% is zero.  So its not 200% below the poverty level since the poverty level is counted at at 25%, 50%,...
This is about the Duggers anyways and I can see this is off thread and violates the user agreement on a very slight level--- only because it is off thread.  I don't see other people getting insanely flagged on other forums for going off thread when the 20 posters or so before them were also off thread.   I was simply speaking about circumcision like the 20 posters or so before me, only difference is only 1 or 2 of them were like me, not convinced that it was some...
"you know, i was curious, so i googled the aboriginal thing. they had a pic of it. it isn't done until the manhood rights and not everyone does it. the pic was disturbing."     Yes it is done later on in Australia then an infant circumcision usually is in this country.
"You could always try reading the User Agreement."     Linda on the move -- you know what I already did read the User Agreement unlike some people I actually enjoy reading the small print.   I do not see anything which specifically prohibits what I have posted on this forum.     
"You had been on MDC after I asked you to edit it and you did not do so" said by Queen of the Meadow,   Well I do not check whatever it was you sent this message to me on as you state I had been on MDC xbut I only check the forums and not the mail on here generally.  I saw nothing notifying me of any pm or whatever.   "comparing intactivists to Nazis is absolutely unacceptable."   I guess people who are against circumsion are intaactivists?  I have not idea...
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