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I pulled mine out and everything was fine. Healthy pregnancy 2 cycles later.
I am in a similar situation. Dd (6yo) goes back and forth between her dad's and our house. She has been the only child at both houses her whole life (we've been separated since she was 1). Now, DH and I are about to have a baby, and I am both worried and looking forward to have her here sometimes and gone others. I'm worried that she will feel left out, but when I think about it, we definitely won't be doing anything too fun with a NB baby that she would be jealous of...
Great thread. I've been wondering the same as we have a 6yo dd and are expecting #2 in September. I am a little worried that they will be so far apart in age, that they won't be close while kids. A good friend of mine is 5 years younger than her sister and says is was great because they were never competing for friends, arguing over clothes etc, and now that they are grown, they are great friends. I love the fact that dd is so independent! She can get ready in the morning...
Thanks for your input! We actually just added Audrey London to the list too.... Ahh!
Ooh, I love discussing names. I really like Ari Rowe. I have a 6 yo dd named Ahria ("R" -ia) Satori. Now pg with dd #2 and first name will definitely be Audrey. If u/s turns out to be wrong, Silas is our boy name! For middle names we like: Audrey Biana Audrey Phoenix (I'm leaning towards this) Audrey Scarlett Audrey Bronwyn Audrey Sarah (Family name) What do you think?
We have the Backyard Discovery Somerset swing set and the kids love it! Kids from all around the neighborhood come over to use it. It's a bit expensive, but totally worth it. http://www.homedepot.com/p/Backyard-Discovery-Somerset-All-Cedar-Swing-Play-Set-65012com/204082967#.UdI7C2t5mSM
This is a great thread. I am in the same boat. We have asked MIL to come to birth in late Sept, but I wouldn't invite my mom. MIL is a RN and has been to births, but not at home. She seems open to it, and I trust her the most in important events! I like your idea of inviting her to MW appts.
If my kid was 12 I would surely tell them. It depends on their maturity. I find kids accept it really well for the most part.
Hmm interesting read
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