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Sorry about your cat. I have never kept track of pet deaths but think its a good idea.
Pets are routine creatures. Of course you will be busy, but try your best to assimilate your pets into your new world so they don't get jealous.
I was vegan for 2 years before getting pg with dd. In the second trimester I added eggs and cheese. I haven't been vegan since (6.5 yrs later). I am now pg with baby #2 and still veggie. I know that one day when I am done having/ breastfeeding I will be vegan again. I felt very light and healthy when I was vegan, but feel that I crave these heavier foods while building babies lol.
I have a 6 yo dd who just finished SK. We can't send any nuts/nut butter so we do: -sunflower seed butter and jam sandwiches -homemade veggie pizza -yogurt -veggies and hummus -wraps -quesadillas -toasted tomato with mayo sandwiches -seaweed almost daily for snack
I don't have anything to add, I just make a regular chocolate birthday cake, but Elana's Pantry looks amazing!
We rarely force dd (6) to eat, but will get her to try a few bites of everything, just to expose her to as diverse a diet as possible. Since this has been in place since she was little, dd knows just to suck it up and have a few bites of everything. I would never make her finish everything on her plate, or go to bed hungry.
He could be more focused on his independence as he is entering adulthood. My DH didn't see his mom very often at all between 18-23, and now at 27 they see each other all the time.
I don't know if this has been mentioned, but post partum care supplies. I found a neat website that allows you to create a registry using any store/ website/product you choose. I am planning to do this for my shower in August.
I agree with PP. I can't stand the smell of smoke in clothes etc, and I think it's harmful.
I am due with dd #2 in late Sept. I will start BHSc Nursing in Jan 2014 and be done April 2017. My placements won't begin until Sept 2014. It's nice to hear other mama's experiences!
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