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Woo-hoo Cordelia! Sending you good vibes for a sticky bean!!!!!   Erin - Congrats on the insem! Fingers crossed for you!   Mrsandmrs - stay strong with those shots - you can do it!   Fmorris - So glad they've shipped. Good luck with the insem!
Depending on where you are and how far it is from a less rural area, that could be hard. But sports and activities (hiking etc) are a good way to hang out with new people. Check the web for any lesbian, gay, or women's sites or publications in your state, even if it's in the capital city far away. They sometimes have listings of social or recreation/sports organizations. Here's a site that could help http://www.outsports.com/localGroups/index.cfm   Good luck! Mind if...
Trigger scheduled for tonight, insem Wed. a.m.   My best to everybody ---
Oh my god - that "Which Sperm Bank" page is LOADED with horrible info about my bank. We don't want to switch donors! This is so scary.     edited to add: I just spoke to a manager at my bank and I feel better that a previously identified problem with them has been fixed. I don't want to go into detail, but.... anyway, I feel better.
2justicemamas - That's wonderful that you have a KD you admire. You're lucky! We had only two guys we could ask. One had a vasectomy, and the other said no. I no longer have the luxury of having qualms about sperm banks.
Welcome, scorpioma!   2justice - Pokey is right about checking other signs being a good idea. It takes some practice to know how to interpret them, though. With regard to opks, I used both the strips and digital. You should test at the same time every day. Many people say you get the best results around 2 p.m., because your body makes hormones in the morning. The strips can show you the line getting darker each day, so you have some warning. But they can also turn...
Rock on, Pokey! Great timing! I hope this is your month!
Invitn - I don't know the answer to your question about progesterone, but the surest way to know you O'd is a combo of ultrasounds and bloodwork. You could have a cyst or high/low hormone level making your O irregular or stopping it. The main benefit of the trigger shot is to time the release of existing follicle(s) so that you know you're insemming at the right time. If you did the shot but weren't sure you had big follicles ready to go, you might be wasting it.
How's it going, Cordelia? I have an idea for a challenge: Call someone you love and haven't talked to in a long time. Of course, since this is supposed to be fun, it should not be someone with whom your relationship is strained in any way.
Jenny - Hope you're feeling better.   Easttowest - Good luck with the insem next week!   Krista - my fingers are so crossed for you, girl! I hope *none* of us have to go through what you've already been through, and I *really* hope you get your beautiful baby this time.   AFM - Been very depressed the last three days. Part of it could be the Clomid, but I was down anyway. Some problems with work, TTC, and household relations all converged to make me feel...
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