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threadcrashing.... LISE!!! Congratulations!!! I know you are shocked and anxious, but your beautiful children will be such a blessing. I'm glad you have support from other moms of multis on here (Hi Cananny).   Congrats!!!!          
Cordelia, So glad the swimmers arrived! What a stressful mess. I hope everything is OK. Happy insemming! ..... and yes, PLEASE, definitely do kick me and Pokey off the island. We need to get the heck out of here! (But of course with some voluntary hanging around to support you wonderful women!)
Hi guys.   Cordelia - congrats on the insem and welcome to the TWW! good luck!   Erin - Sorry about DP. I hope things go well on your end of things.   AFM - Had a baseline u/s today for this cycle. All was good. Re my insurance issue - A while ago the financial woman at my doc's office called and told me the ins co *did* indeed decide to cover me due to anovulation, in spite of her dark warnings that they wouldn't. Now she's leaving me voice mails again and...
Pokey -- Thinking of you and wishing you a super strong and sticky BFP this cycle!   fmorris - good luck with the Femara. The telling / not telling people question is a hard one. I had to tell my parents and sis quite a while back, because I felt like I was lying every time they said, "How are you, what have you been doing?" and keeping it from them made me not want to talk to them. But now that they know, and it's taking so long, I'm sure they pity me, which...
AF. Waiting to O.
Tandy, please do thread-crash, and thanks for your kind words. I was looking foward to the idea of being due date buddies because we probably live close enough to get lunch, but I'm glad someone as nice as you got a BFP. Bon voyage to QP&P!
Darth - I haven't seen AF so far, thank god, but I'm sure it's just a matter of time. I'm sorry to hear you're taking a break. It's good, though, that you are taking time for yourselves.
Easttowest, I'm so sorry about AF. Looks like we are both in it again.
BFN. I used a FR hpt, and it's 14 DPO, so the odds of a miraculous turnaround are minimal. I'll let you know when AF arrives.
Of course, people said not to look at temps when you've used a trigger, which I have....   Good luck, easttowest!
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