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Easttowest - If I recall, your wife wasn't using a trigger shot, so it can't be that. So if you looked at the stick at the right time, it certainly appears to be a positive! Yay to that, and good luck for more pink lines in the coming days!     Edited to add-------   Wait! I didn't see the last page of comments, not sure why! CONGRATS on the digital BFP, Easttowest! Good luck for a sticky bean!
KnittingTigers -- This is the first time I saw that you were having twins! Excellent! Congratulations!   (btw everyone -- suddenly I can do formatting again. let's hope this sticks!)
I'm testing 10/17. Don't know if anyone is ahead of me.
Easttowest --- I totally hear your worry about being here for the long haul. I hope you're not! I know that once you've seen a few BFNs, you wonder how long this is going to go on. --------------Thanks to EVERYONE who asked about my TWW. Today is 6 DPO, and I feel un-pregnant. Zero symptoms. And since I've had almost every fake symptom in the book in previous cycles, I have zero faith that I would know if I were pregnant. I've resigned myself to the fact that...
mrsandmrs -- I don't know how I missed that news about your grandmother. I'm so sorry. Thinking of you.
POKEY -- YAY!!!!! I still don't know what's up with my access to this site --- it won't let me post any emoticons either, or I would be doing a big parade of storks for you!!!!!! Thinking of you with best wishes for your beta. ------------------JENNY and CORDELIA --- Thank you for the well wishes. I am 5 DPO, test date Oct. 17. Cordelia, have fun over at QP&P, and Jenny, FX for you! -------------TO EVERYONE I MISSED -- BEST OF LUCK FOR YOUR NEXT STEP!
I don't seem to have a "source" button at all. I tried clicking "full page editor," and that didn't help.
This thing still won't let me do bold or paragraphs, ever since yesterday. I have Internet Explorer 9, so I don't think it's a browser issue. Any techies out there have any advice? Thanks in advance.
That should have said "frozen" indefinitely. It was a big help to me with my variable cycles!
Hi everyone -- for some strange reason, the comment editor isn't letting me do any formatting -- paragraph breaks, bold, nothing. So this will be a little mashed up!-------------------------Welcome, nemplsgirl and sphinxy. ---------------------------Invitn - I'm sorry you had to opt for Clomid, but it was probably time. You've been trying a while. I eventually had to make that decision also. The variable luteal phase is definitely considered a negative sign re normal...
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