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Quote: Originally Posted by Keeta I was veg but had seriously crazy cravings during my first pregnancy and fell off the wagon. What helped me get back on to vegetarianism and eventually to veganism (about 5 months postpartum) was listening to the podcasts of Compassionate Cooks. She covers a LOT of different topics and is really informative, supportive and positive (unlike some other vegan podcasters who can come off way "holier-than-thou"). ...
Blueberry coconut milk yogurt.
I'm vegan but not raw as well. I take B12 and D sublinguals nearly every day and DHA when I remember. I also drink emergen-C when we have it (we're out at the moment).
Okay, so if you had to eat a chicken or a fish, which would you eat? If you were stuck on a desert island....? But don't you care about the carrots? They can feel too, you know! Oh wait, I'm sorry. Those aren't funny at all. Apparently, I just get lame comments.
Quote: Originally Posted by clothdipemomof2boy Does anyone know any mainstream foods that are vegan without glutein as well. I have a slight glutien allergy and trying to go more vegan since I cant have milk due to being lactose intollerant. Yes I am already vegetarian. Tings! They're corn based. : Tortillas and corn chips should be okay for the most part Trader Joe's brown rice pasta is awesome and not terribly expensive Rice crackers are a...
Tings!! (Okay, we all know Tings are vegan, but, really, they're the greatest things on earth.) Mary Janes are my favorite halloween treat. Most Oyster crackers (my kids LOVE them) Oreos (We all know that one, right? I don't like 'em, personally. What about those Newman ones?) Amy's Roasted Veggie pizza and the Trader Joe's knock off (Hello, YUM!)
Quote: Originally Posted by mazajo I missed Adam too! Is there some place online to watch it? It's here, at least for now!
Quote: Banned for being excited. There is no excitement at MDC Ain't that the truth?
Geez, my banned title is from at least one username ago. It makes no sense now, does it? I got a little *too* excited when I thought I'd be able to ban someone. I was so bummed thinking it would last until midnight and I'd miss all the fun.
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