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I sent a request!
I'm totally in. I'd probably be around more often and post more (I often read, but don't post) if we were on FB. I can never keep up with the chat threads and they become overwhelming to me.   Is there already a group? Can someone link me?
Coraline- She is beautiful!!! Rosie- OMG what a chub! I love it! Arby- What a cute little man!!   Today is Lennon's half birthday. It has gone by so fast, it makes me a little sad!  
I swear we all have the cutest babies of any DDC!!!   Here's another pic of Lennon from last week-  
Here's Lennon's 5 month picture...she's 18 lbs 2 oz now.  
Chiro- Lennon is the same way. She was trying to eat her some biscuits and gravy this morning. LOL no food gets past her notice these days. I can't wait until I get the baby bullet and baby bullet steamer next month so I can make all her food!
How cute!!! Lennon just started an army scoot of some sort a couple days ago, she doesn't get up on her knees...she's way too chunky but she'll try so hard to scoot forward but ends up going around in a circle.
So cute! I love the little jumpy pic! I know I'm always posting pics LOL but this is my first Lennon-wearing pic. Taken today with my little chubster....  
I thought I'd see what Lennon would do with a little rice cereal...because she is showing all the signs of being ready much sooner than I anticipated! I thought we'd wait until at least 6 months...but she sits up unsupported, shows interest in food, etc. So I gave her some organic whole grain rice cereal mixed with breastmilk today and SHE LOVED IT!!!! She has absolutely NO tongue thrust at all. She swallowed it, gobbled it down and then would open her mouth wide...
Lennon grunts when she tries to sit too, that's so funny. While we were taking this picture, she was grunting like crazy and my mom was concerned that she shouldn't be trying to sit by the loud grunting noises she was making while doing so! LOL. She really has gotten chubby. I just have to share one more pic of her taken today...can you believe she was "failure to thrive" only 2 months ago...she's in the 90th percentile now!  
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