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$3,000? if i wasn't asthmatic ? I'd do it in a heart beat.      And the flu isn't terribly dangerous to regular people, but for people with compromised immune systems (like organ recipients) the elderly, people going through chemo, it CAN kill them. That's why I get vaccinated- one of my friends has a son whose a kidney recipient and if I didn't have it, I couldn't see her or him through flu season because it could literally kill the kid. 
Honestly? not much.  we just got a new car that gets double the gas mileage of the last one and we were managing before.  My husband already takes the train to work daily, and we are already a 1 car family. 
I don't because my children can get into stuff on their own. If I need my kid in his room, we have a baby gate. However, we've found we sleep best all of us if we do the family bed thing. but my kids are still really little yet. 
I thought i was the only one who thought that about Thomas. My kiddos watch dinosaur train and sesame street. I hate almost all children's tv, so they also get the occasional old school episode of Classic Doctor Who when i'm about to lose my mind if I hear "ALL ABOARD! TICKETS! TICKETS PLEASE!" . 
Done and DONE! HOpe I win! 
If i'm remembering  correctly, I THINK that PCOS' hormone wackiness can lead to a "false positive" with the OPKs.   
Yes. As a kid I once got a gristly piece of pork chop and now even as an adult, even the smell of pork chops makes me queasy.
Your local synagogue would likely welcome visitors! mine has students come ALL the time who are in a comparative religions class!  And Judaism is hard to explain even  to adults :) We're odd ducks. 
 This is exactly what I would do. :) 
You're not an idiot i'd say, but honestly, I think this is a case of "pick your battles".      OH and Chuck Taylors will FOREVER BE COOL. *ahem* so says dork queen me. ;) 
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