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My doc did! I can't remember what he said, but he said "you need to lose weight" in the nicest humanly possible way. I am friends with his wife and her words after wards were "I wish ALL his patients would listen like you did, they'd all be much happier (more likely to get pregnant) because of it".    I'm pretty sure he said something like "my guess is that if  lose 5-10% of your body weight that you stand a 50% chance of getting pregnant on your own without drugs or...
I wish I had known that when I did finally get pregnant, some of the friends that I had a "bond" with so to speak because of my struggles would be very upset with me because it wasn't them. And even more so when secondary infertility was not  an issue with baby #2. :(  (mine was all weight related and I kept the weight off after i had my son)  That the earlier I started the better- my RE actually commented that I was doing the best possible thing coming in at 27 and a...
I have one in Geneva Illinois who is great- breastfeeding friendly. I don't know if she knows about the GAPS diet, but I do know she is seriously the most knowledgable MD i've ever met vis a vis breastfeeding- seriously, she's not an OBGYN or breast health, but she knows a TON about it. :) That and she answers the phone occasionally instead of her secretary- and calls you back PERSONALLY. PM me if you want her info!  
Hi all! We're hopefully starting my son on suzuki in a few weeks.  He's only 3 but he literally begs me daily to learn how to play the violin. I'm not expecting miracles, but if he loves it, then I'll be happy. I played for years but never learned suzuki.  Any advice on getting started with a really young kiddo? :) I'm SUPER excited. 
I too have a glass of wine a week. Not more than that because I'm a lightweight (for my weight. I weigh darn near 230 lbs and I can't handle my liquor its hysterical). :)    I fly by the philosophy  "if you are legally Ok to drive, you are OK to nurse. " this has been my doctor's and midwive's  philosophy as well. :) 
I'd say definitely! if I had had to have one (that was planned, my baby was breech for like, freaking ever) I would have still kept my doula on! 
With my 2 year old we have the rule: you can be naked in the house or in the yard, but if we go off the property, you have to be dressed. Hes' ok with it because the second he gets home sometimes, the clothes come off. I have pictures of him raiding the tomato patch totally naked. :) 
I'm scheduled for an ultrasound to check for "retained product". (sounds so businesslike yeah? ) Thursday.... if there's anything there, I have to get a D&C which I'm alternately freaking out because of my medical phobia or laughing at the irony. The whole REASON I did a natural birth was to avoid surgery....    .מענטש טראַכט, גאָט לאַכט (man plans and G-d laughs! Story of my freaking LIFE! ) 
You know what's absolutely bizzare? now that you mention greens? I've been CRAVING cooked spinach and kale. LIke, we ordered pizza the other day and I HAD to have spinach on mine or heads were gonna roll.... 
I have placenta pills and RRT.... 
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