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*hugs* my son was like this only he cluster fed for MONTHS. He didnt' take cat naps. He took kitten naps, and i could never put him down. Thankfully with baby #2, she likes being worn, so I can get more done AND take care of the toddler. (although not today apparently, everyone wants to lay on me in a  pile on the couch and that's FINE WITH ME)  Have someone come over anyways, i know she won't take the bottle or a paci, but have someone come over, if she's in the arms of...
hahaha!!! awesome!!
I've only met the one set- West sub midwives, but a good friend of mine delivered with the other set and was very happy with them- I guess there was a huge issue with her son's birth and things got hairy for a bit, and had she had an OB would have had a section, with these midwives, she had an episiotomy but she said she'd take that over a c-section any day! 
Anecdotally, my "dairy" baby weighed almost a pound less than my meat craving baby! 
My son hated it and if I can avoid the howling all the better! She loves sling riding and zonks to sleep between my breasts, I think it's because she can hear my heartbeat
So i know tummy time is important.  Does anyone else count sling riding and when baby chills on your chest as tummy time? 
My little girl is nurse nurse nurse! all day long! she took a long time to start regaining weight- I was afraid for a bit we were gonna have to supplement. But it didn't happen!    My SIL has a baby scale and we weighed her, she was 9 3 fully clothed, so i'm assuming she's back to her birth weight. PHEW!    Its so weird having a new born baby. I keep expecting her to be like my toddler- its hard getting used to the newborn habits again. And she's a different kid...
The only time I do feel let down is when i do NOT have a baby on my breast- like, if she's crying i'll feel it and look down and sure enough, spots on my shirt. 
Birth is pretty much an easy pass/fail and I think everyone "passes"  IMO. :)  Pass=you end up with a baby regardless of exit method Fail= you mysteriously give birth to a litter of kittens or puppies. Or a clutch of lizards. 
I could have written this after my first birth, word for word.  My son was malpositioned and my 30 hour labor was HORRIBLE. My 2nd birth was a lot smoother. It didn't NOT hurt, it hurt like HELL, and I kept saying "I CANT DO THIS I CAN"T DO THIS" over and over and over again. But there was actual progress so my mental state was a lot better. With my son it took me almost  24 hours to dilate from 4 to 10. I remember thinking at one point "dear G-d, please have someone...
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