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kudos on you for doing it raw... no way Josè for me!! I got mine encapsulated!
    Actually, get hemmroid wipes- the REALLY big ones  that are the size of baby wipes with that are soaked in witch hazel- those were HEAVEN last time for me. 
I seriously credit my success this time to hiring a doula. If you're wondering if they're worth it to achieve a natural birth. Yes. Every. Stinking. Penny. 2/3 of a mortgage payment? seriously WORTH IT. My midwife was phomenal but the doulas just added an extra set of hands and support that were seriously what I personally NEEDED to get through.  Wednesday, I woke up in the middle of the night, having regular contractions. They weren't terribly painful so i just...
Zeisel is here!!!!  15 hour labor ! natural water birth!!! I DID IT! nobody is more shocked than I. 8 lbs 7 oz, 35.5 cm head, 19 inches long. I'll provide a link to her birth story soon!         
Most hospitals once you have the hep lock in won't let you take it out. :(      I completely sympathize, i did not sleep after I did my swab and the days waiting to find out. LIterally DID. NOT. SLEEP. Because i'm that phobic of IVs. It doesn't help that I have icky veins and every time I get one, I get huge bruises! 
I understand completely. I HATE yogurt.....    Maybe something else w/ live cultures? kombucha or something? 
Here's mine.  The white thing in the picture is the ends that the cords are wrapped around- I strung mine in the car on a trip to the zoo. :)  I used red glass beads and some of an amber necklace that my toddler had broken for spacers. 
If you're not vegan, i'd say, nom on yogurt.  From my understanding, acidophilus is something you can't "OD" on. its like eating too much spinach. :) 
    This! Aspiration is really only a risk if you're under general. And furthermore, if hypothetically, lets say you were to have to have an extreme emergency c-section under general anyways, the chances are STILL minimal. 
And yeah, LJ can get like insanely judgey!! oh holy hell. I posted in the Natural birthing community there after my son was born about processing how badly his birth went and I got torn a new one. "you buy the hospital ticket, you get the hospital ride" (uh no, i would have asked to transfer for pain meds and gotten a c-section had I tried to home birth him because the hospitals in my area punish home birthers). I got blamed, my MIDWIVES got blamed (uh NO, not their...
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