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Just shared on Facebook! ;)
Before dinner for our 5th Anniversary!
At my Blessing Way. Everyone wrote their name on my belly. :) Pregnant with my 3rd son. 
Yes! I started having contractions around 6pm on Wed (2/19) that were 15 mins apart until 10pm, then they stopped and I went to bed. The next morning (2/20) around 11am they started again 15 mins apart and gradually growing closer together through the hours. By about 5pm they were 5-6 mins apart and getting stronger. I called my midwife to come at about 5:30pm. We got the pool set up and I got in, then the midwife came an hour later and checked me around 7pm. I was 7-8cm...
My due date was 2/16 and I am feeling really ready too!! Been having contractions, but they are not consistent. I know I am a little late on this, but congrats Erigeron! Just trying to roll with this "waiting game" and enjoy the time left with the way life is right now. I am also curious how things will be changing soon with my 23 month old DS, since as of now he always has mom and dad's undivided attention!
I also thank you for posting! I needed to see that as well. I made the mistake (even though I told myself not to) of creating an expectation on when this baby would arrive. I thought because my last baby came at 39 weeks, that this one would surely come before or at the same time. Well, here I am at 40w3d and still waiting, so it makes if feel like I am "so overdue".    Here's to celebrating The Time of Zwischen!!
At first DS signed for milk, then we called it "nah-nahs" and he would say it sometimes. Then as he got older he started calling it sides; I would ask him if he wanted to switch sides and at first he only said it when he wanted to switch. Then it just became "sides, sides" as he would reach down my shirt. He is 21 months old and still says it, and now it's "I want sidesssssss"! LOL
Sorry it took me a couple of days to respond, however I see some others have chimed in for you. As for me, the best thing I did was to continue breastfeeding and not give my son formula! I don't know how strongly you feel about BF, but if you are like me and thought of having to give your baby formula makes you cry then just hang in there and don't let anyone pressure to do so. Despite what doctors might tell you, your breast milk is far superior to ANY synthetic formula...
I am a little confused by this thread, and by that I mean that the fact that it is suppose to be a list of our "shortcomings". In my opinion I have always taken an AP/NFL lifestyle as something to generally live by as guidelines, not absolutes. I am in an AP playgroup and have noticed that some parents do cloth diapers and some don't, some have children who go to public school and others homeschool etc, but I do not judge anyone in my group who does not do things exactly...
Hello-   I am a 31 year old SAHM of two boys (DS1-6/25/00 and DS2-3/16/12), and although we were not planning for baby number 3 yet, we are still excited! I had hospital births with my first two, but am planning a home birth with a midwife this time around. I am very excited about that was well! I plan to keep nursing DS2 as long as I can and hopefully tandem nurse when baby number 3 comes ;)
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