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i'm sure you probably know this but try to sleep shirtless so your nipples dry:)
towels for sure. now that my sweetums is ten months old and walking, our king mattress is on the floor (no box spring), with tones of pillows around the bed, door closed just in case. works beautifully:)
i have a ten month old as welland would love to get suggestions on this. my sweetie wakes 7-10 times in his 12 hour sleep period. he nurses much less during the day and all night long! i am trying to get him to nurse more during the day but he is way to busy walking now:)
after using bum genius for months and having issues with stench and leaks/elastic running out, we have switched to old school prefolds and a plastic cover. i'd like to find a cotton cover but the plastic worked in a pinch. the prefolds are a million times better than the inserts, for us. 
super adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have the moby and my 8 month old hasn't been in it for months. we primarily use the ergo now. and good tips for using it with an older baby?
my hubby and i lov the ergo! our sweet baby loves it too! i can nurse while he is in it and it has a privacy hood so no one really even knows.  we purchased many baby carriers and this is by far our favorite. the infant insert we found sort of unnecessary-just roll some blankets underneath your baby to support him/her. i recommend the ergo to everyone!
Vegan Family Favorites http://www.veganfamilyfavorites.com/index.php?src=   Raising Vegetarian Children: a guide to good health   Raising Vegan Children in a non-vegan world: a complete guide for parents   I think you'll enjoy reading this about nutrition for vegan babies and children: http://www.veganforum.com/forums/showthread.php?29986-Clinical-practice-vegetarian-infant-and-child-nutrition
We use the Charlie's liquid for cd's and love it? We do an 1/8 of a cup for a full load.
Oh my, my lower back and hips have started hurting just in the past few days. I've had such a great pregnancy without aches and pains so this is unusual. Since this is our first, I never know what to expect. I've had tons of uterine surges (cramping feeling) for about 3 weeks now so I'm hoping the baby will come soon.
I'm not really sure when to go in either. I found a great homebirth friendly and homeopathic ped. They said to just call a few weeks after the birth to decide when I should come in. We are not vac so no rush there. Our midwives do come for a couple of weeks after the birth.
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