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Dr. Jeffrey Abrams in Norcross is very supportive of no vac, no circ, and homebirth. He emphasizes nutrition and wellness offering "holistic" remedies as a first choice.    I know he's far from the areas you mentioned but worth it-I live in Marietta.
27 weeks. Started at 125 and now at 145. Didn't think I'd gain is so fast:) I practice yoga daily and eat very healthfully. I think I look AWESOME and I love my body so 20 lbs thus far seems good to me!
That's funny! My baby has been head down for weeks and I'm at 28 weeks. The midwives said he/she may move but when we went back he/she was still head down:)
We call the baby "Baby". Pretty simple but we've totally bonded. Lots of singing and dancing!
  1) How does your communication (language, dialect) differ between this forum/other mothers versus outsiders (those who aren't pregnant, don't have children, etc.)? This Q was confusing-sorry if I answer incorrectly. I am a native English speaker and most mothers I communicate with do so also. I speak Spanish (not fluently) and 2 pregnant friends do as well. I plan to teach the baby both languages.   2) How old are you currently? And for the non-first timers; how...
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