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I'm responding over in the new chat thread -->
Oh good job!  you rock!  I had a long pushing phase with DD1 - almost 6 hours - and finally got her out with a little vacuum assist.  She was asynclitic.  It was HARD but I got such a feeling of accomplishment from it and really have positive memories of the birth.  I'm so impressed you made it through 8 hours in 2nd stage and still had the strength to push him out.  So amazing.  
I'm relieved to have tested negative, but I'm still doing occasional probiotic tablets vaginally to make sure there's good flora in there when the babies pass through.  And I'm planning on giving the babies probiotics during the first few days by crushing a tablet and putting it on my nipples.  
So exciting!  Welcome, Autumn!
congratulations!  welcome, Liam!
(((Kellybeth))) Me too!  I was thinking how getting out of the car and walking into the clinic was more painful than the membrane sweep LOL.  With my first birth, I had acupuncture the day before, and then went into the clinic for the membrane sweep the next afternoon, and I was in labor within half an hour of leaving the clinic.  I think I was hoping for similar results today, although I haven't had acupuncture yet (and the doctor here who does that is out of town until...
I wanted to run this by all of you for some opinions.  I've been worried about how my OT baby A is going to rotate with baby B in the way, and the two of them just so tight in there, and I asked my u/s doctor about it today.  He was saying that it doesn't matter if her body can rotate, that just her head needs to rotate through the pelvis.  He said babies are like owls and can really turn their heads pretty far around if needed.  And if she comes out OP, it will just...
With my first I definitely did not want her coming before my due date, as we were finishing up building and moving into our house.  I also had bruised ribs from falling off a ladder that weren't healed until right before her appearance at 41w5d.  And honestly, most babies are easier in than out - up to a certain point.  That said, I was pretty busy doing as many natural induction things as I could starting at 41 weeks, because I've heard too many stories about...
You can start one!  (or feel free to join in here until somebody else does )
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