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Congratulations!  Thanks so much for the beautiful story.
I think that sounds like an excellent plan.  Definitely sneak food.  I have a good friend who had a very smooth easy induction, but I forget any details about it.  It's definitely possible!  Good luck!
Congratulations!  Welcome to the multiples forum.
Congratulations on a smooth birth and healthy baby!  I like the name Willa!  And I'm impressed that you avoided an epidural on pitocin.  So sorry you had to go through a scary complication like that .  I hope it's all behind you by now, and that your arm heals up quickly.
Looking good, everyone!     here's my sideways 37w1d!  
That's good to know.  I'll have to see if I can get in right away.  I was going every other week or so up until around 35 weeks, but when they started me on twice weekly NSTs I decided the chiro was just one appt too many.  So I haven't gone since the SPD started getting bad.
Well, so much for having "a good feeling" about going into labor over the weekend.  .  I've never had very good intuition about things, so why start now? .  DH was able to make time to take over household tasks starting on Friday, and is going to continue doing that this week, and that is helping a LOT.  Yesterday afternoon I was feeling a lot better about my ability to make it another week.  After taking it easy all weekend I had more energy, my SPD was slightly better...
I had a noticeable growth spurt at 14.5 weeks, and at my 16 week appt was measuring 20 weeks.  There is a benefit to knowing early on, so that you can pack on a few extra pounds and get the placentas a good healthy start.  If your sister's twins are fraternal, I think that definitely ups your chances.  Good luck!
Babies may be coming tomorrow!  I've got a good feeling about it.  I'm having more frequent non-BH along with nausea, and it just feels like this may be it.  We'll see.  I'm going to bed early and try to get some sleep.  Both of my friends who will be with me as doulas want as much advance notice as possible, and I'm trying to decide whether it's worth calling them or not.
Thanks!  that is helpful.  Baby A is OT and I've been haven't been able to find any information about baby positions during twin births.  I just can't imagine how she'll have space to rotate with Baby B potentially in the way.  But that link and the previous ones are reinforcing my feeling that I just need to let it go and listen to my body during labor to know what positions to try.  
New Posts  All Forums: