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I'm having my 19 week ultrasound on Tuesday. Originally we were undecided if we were going to do that ultrasound but the midwife raised some good points for doing it. So if baby cooperates we will find out the gender, if not it will be a surprise :)
I was thinking of making some fitted diapers, I'm still unsure if I want to go the fitted newborn route or prefolds. I think I will be making some nursing pads, I will be making mine out of bamboo and possibly a layer of zorb, I'm not one to leak much. Other then that I think I might want to make a fleece bear hat and a poncho for baby to wear in the car seat and one for baby to wear in the carrier.
I had a hospital birth the first time around, we couldn't get a midwife :( I had a natural birth in the hospital with a doula, I pretty much ignored everything they told me in the hospital and did my own thing. This time around I called the second I got a positive, multiple days before my period so we got a midwife and can have my home birth :)
I've had a emotional month but am powering through it. Just tons of stress. Our city flooded really really badly and we were under a state of emergency for weeks. Luckily we were ok where we live in the city but others were not so lucky. My parents were only a few houses outside the evacuated zone, so their power and utilities were cut and it was a harrowing couple of days watching the rivers keep rising and spilling over the dams. There is a town just south of us that...
 I dream of getting rid of my bed frame! haha.  From my experience: Car seat, I like a bucket for the first couple months because I don't like how much our convertable didn't recline for a NB. Crib for the first year and a half was the cats bed and a giant laundry pile. Now it gets used as a toddler bed. We never bought a stroller and were fine without it, though I am considering getting one for my toddler this time around.  We found the moby to be invaluable...
I've been having such unhealthy cravings lately. I have been craving kraft dinner lately (Making homemade dairy free mac and "cheese" didn't cure it, nor did actual homemade mac and cheese), such a strange craving for me since I haven't eaten it for years! I finally broke down and bought some (On a plus note since Orion decided to wean I can actually eat it!) I have also started craving Coca Cola. I also really wanted hot dogs, so we we had a weiner roast the other...
I'm so sorry, you are your family will be in my thoughts
I do as few tests as I can. Last time around I had 3 ultrasounds, my OB didn't routinely check with the doppler which I was fine with. he didn't do routinely do internal exams, which I was pleased I didn't have to fight about, I got the routine bloodwork done because I generally have really low iron and was slightly concerned that I should watch it (Care providers never said anything but it is something I keep an eye on) This time around I have had one ultrasound due to...
I'm 13 week with my second and I swear I have felt movement too :)
I'm so sorry, you and your family are in my thoughts.
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