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I really don't know how you guys do it. Single parents are amazing!
Yes, Ottis has lots of clients. And didn't have trouble getting experience as a student either. His mother was one of the province's first midwives and he just felt called to follow in her footsteps!   Also, the term 'midwife' refers to the client meaning 'with woman', not the gender of the care provider.
Hi, not sure if this is the best place to post this...   I would really like my 3-yr-old son to get chicken pox naturally. If anyone has a case of it that they are willing to share, I'd love to set up a playdate! I live near Guelph, but I'm willing to travel, and often go to K-W and Brampton for work.
When my son was 1, he loved eggs. Scramble them so they are in tiny pieces and still soft. Does he have any teeth yet? because that makes a difference too. Every baby develops at their own pace. Also try letting him suck and gnaw on something that can't actually eat, like a strip of steak.
I wish I had known that getting stitches isn't so bad. My midwife gave me the option for my 1st degree tear and i thought it would be better to avoid it. However, it's not the same down there and it took a long time to heal and much longer to be able to "use" it comfortably. I don't know for sure, but I think I prob should have been stitched and it might have healed better.
if you call your midwife in labour and refuse to go to hospital then she has to attend to you. there is virtually no diff between 36 1/2 and 37 weeks, i personally would feel fine with a midwife by 36 and 3 days
There is great program starting up at some libraries where kids read to dogs! Because dogs are loving and will not correct or criticize, it helps kids to be relaxed and enjoy reading, and it builds their confidence. If you don't have a program like his around, consider trying it with your pets, if you have any, or a friend's if you don't. Also, maybe start with books that are a bit below his level so that they are easy and build his confidence. Praise him for it and...
Yes, very dry... use a hair dryer after washing and use cotton diapers, or let him be naked as much as possible. Do not moisturize because that just traps the yeast in the skin and gives a nice damp breeding ground. Small amounts of zinc cream on the worst spots can be helpful. And yes, some diluted tea tree oil should kill the fungus.
YES! watching hoarders makes me start feeling anxious and restless, and then I get up and start throwing things away :)  
Sounds like maybe DH should talk to them about it.
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