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Hi! My MIL did a lot of Container gardening and she loves it! She had 2 weeds all summer! I am going to take a crack at it this year. We are hoping to grow tomatos, jalapenos, lettuce and whatever else I can get out there. She had large pots nothing fancy and did her soil thing. I am not sure on the mix of soil, I need to figure that out too. We just moved to a new "zone" and I am behind at getting my seeds started so we will see what happens.
I love Hailey Mills Movies! Most of the "cartoons" suck in my opinion but Toy Story and Mulan are great. Is Monsters Inc a Disney? We like that too
Look at the type of "people" boys want to be like, a cowboy, a cop, a soldier....all use guns. It is a natural process. Just talk to your kids about Guns, teach them to respect them. People blame so much on Guns and its not the guns its the parents and the kids a gun is just a device used to hurt people. Guns are a great thing. Hunting( when used for food only), target practice, you can get scholerships through shooting, defending your personal property and rights...
My library does not have the book so I need to find one too. How many are ready? Should we wait till the end of the month so everyone can start at the same time?
I grew up shooting guns, I will teach my daughter to shoot prob. around the age of 5. I think they need taught the difference btw a toy and a real gun. A real gun is always going to be used with an adult and a toy is not. The target idea is great.
We need an official start date. Jan. 20th should give us all time to procure a book. How does that sound? Thats about 2 weeks.????
Works for me. Any major objections?
There is only 14 of us, it would be nice to stay together to get as many opinions and viewpoints as possible. Should someone break the tie? We could choose someone to make the deciding vote?
Good choices! This will be a lot of fun!
Okay I am going out on a limb here but how about something entertaining that doesn't require thought. I am going to start a good mystery. Mary Higgins Clark. I know we don't all have the same taste but how about something fun. I know I should give a list of suggestions but my brain is not at its best at the end of the day. (my hubby is working half days through the holidays and we just moved so my brain is over worked)
New Posts  All Forums: