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I'm still reading replies, I'm just very confused by how this thread has veered.   I cannot see how it can be construed as my needing support for my feelings.   Really I was just after facts.   And when you say "back off", umm, from what? I think I have told her a total of 3 times that he should be assessed, I dropped it immediately when it was clear she was not open to the conversation and waited months to bring it up again and only in context. I did...
this is very pertinent, thank you. I think she may think I believe this, I definitely do not. Or it is possible she feels like this herself
I'm so glad you said this! thank you! I couldn't see it either. I was starting to worry I was just upsetting eveyone   And for the record: I know I'm getting it wrong, I'm trying to learn how to do it right, telling me I'm so far gone that I can't even learn is insulting
I did not say they do not love him! I am keeping this to myself, I have not said a word to her about how I am feeling, Yes this post is about me, so I can work though what I need to do That's why I am here. Asking people who have already processed this, about this stage in the grieving process. So I can modify what I'm doing to help. Anger is certainly normal. I am trying to explain that she is angry at me. I would like to know why and what I can do to help. I do not...
really, one of your whole sets of relatives are going through a hard time and you just "back off"? Just stop speaking to them?
I don't find that helpful at all.   He's being evaluated, he's my nephew, I love him. She does want to talk about it but she has practically no support and responds to my "help" with anger, she wants help and I'm doing it wrong
My nephew has just started having his evaluations done, no real diagnoses yet other than "delayed" (language, emotional, social etc)   He is obviously different - to me and his daycare providers - but not to his parents.   Daycare insisted he be evaluated and it's becoming obvious to Sis and BIL now, that there is actually a problem, not because of DN (is that the right abrev? Dear Nephew) but because so many people are telling them that he's...
I guess the difference is in how we "play" at the beach. I am always talking to them about what we're doing and why, they know what a rip looks like, what drowning looks (and sounds) like, where to go to get help.   I approach going to the beach in the same way as I do teaching them to cross roads; I carry them and talk to them about what's going on, ask questions to make sure they understand. Then they walk holding  my hand, still lots of communication, eventually they...
I assumed the best, until OP kept using the term (multiple times) even after being told it was offensive
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