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It sounds like you made a great decision for your family. A doula will most certainly make the birth feel more homey. Know your hospitals routines and rules so you'll know where you'll need to be diligent and where you can relax. The hospital I think I will go with.is the least fancy in town, but the docs will lay on the floor with a flashlight aimed at your hoohoo so you can give birth standing up. Good luck!
Just your body gearing up. Baby moving, waters intact, you're golden mama.
DH's birthday! December 28.
Im so glad it went well and you had supportive team of care provider. Being able to make choices is so important. Congratulations!
A good first step is to learn about the types of midwives and which you would like to be. With the political climate around CPMS I think that is is a good idea to look into the CNM credential instead. Both processes take a lot if work, but one comes with legal stability. If you want to attend at home really research the legal climate of where you would like to live.
I have such a hard time relaxing until I feel regular movement. The FDA does not approve of the use of home Dopplers. I am trying to restrict how much interference bub gets this time. I'm just trying to keep cool but that doesn't mean I don't worry.
Strawberry shortcake with real whipped cream! I swear it makes my nausea better too!
We have a Facebook group called Albuquerque Attachment Mom's. If you PM me I can give you the name of an admin to request membership. There are a few moms with autistic children in our group.
And yes, take Katie's advice. It is great advice.
Changes in your cervix can happen quickly. Medical inductions can take a long time, try and rest now and see if you can put together a support team to relieve your partner, bring food ect. Sometimes things just don't go like we pictured. You haven't done anything to cause this, you don't deserve it but it looks like you pulled the induction card on this very unpredictable thing we call childbirth. An induction does not equal epidural, cesarean or anything else. If you do...
New Posts  All Forums: