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What position were you in?
Have you looked into why you are supposed to take this? Some websites contraindicate it for pregnancy some don't. Is it for uterine strength?
Oh my god, this thread helps my heart. All of the moms I see in real life act like their kids never drive them crazy. Much love to you momma, thanks for being real.
Maxk, I just wanted to say that the work you're doing is hard... I had to create a milk supply after mine dried up while ds was in ICU. Your baby is so lucky and I just wanted to say you're awesome.
My baby from anecdotal knowledge not professional, learned to nurse without a shield at four months. My best help online was Jack Newman and I worked really close to lactation consultants where my son was in ICU. Sorry I don't have more knowledge in this area. Good luck
I was thinking about the conversation going on here and something was bothering me. Why when a mother comes for support we question whether or not she learned the method right from the right group? That is not the issue. A hypnobabies expert could have had the difficult labor the op did. The issue is she was let down in her experience. There's no right way to give birth. You can do everything "right" and still get the short end of the birth stick. Support is not judgement...
Being in a birthing frame of mind that tells you that if you feel pain something is wrong is dangerous And scary if pain happens. I can see how thiscould cause anxiety and feeling loss of control way too early in birth and how confusing it must have felt and feeling that you were doing wrong. What helped me the most with my birth trauma was seeing a birth story listener. I met with Pam England. She also does phone sessions. She has helped me see what I want for my next...
I planned a natural homebirth and it didn't happen. Doulas and midwives are different, and a homebirth midwife is different than a hospital based midwife especially when it comes to how much time they can spend with you.Please keep in mind natural births happen at hospitals every day.
Thank you so much for being honest about what you are going through. Please seek help immediately. I know that when I "lost it" once after my son was born my husband took him away and when i calmed down we made a plan for me to see my docs the next day- I was immediately put back on my medication and it helped. My husband and I lack much support so I promised that when I needed help I would let him know- I spent many days at his very flexible job just hanging out. This...
Have you felt a change yet with your dosage? Have you reached out to anyone locally and asked for something specific like taking your daughter on a fun outing so you can relax with baby? I didn't ask for help after my baby's birth but I found out later when I was out of my cloud that people just didn't know what to do with me and I seemed okay to them. Much love.
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